25 September 2019

Oakleys taking the beach to the Moors

Oakley’s Coaches have taken on the former Target Travel service 59 and are operating this smart Dennis Dart

Serving Coast, City and Countryside.

Thanks to Jake Street for allowing me to use the photo – his own caption explains all:

“Seen on Royal Parade is a recent acquisition from preservation for service life once again. HW54 BUA was new to Southern Vectis in 2005, as 309, in a batch of 14 and remained apart of the company until their transfer to Wilts and Dorset. With their transfer to Wilts and Dorset they were the first to receive the Salisbury Red branding alongside a batch of Citaros which were previously branded with the "Pulse Line" branding. In 2015 some of the batch then received a "Beach Bus" branding for the Hythe to Lymington route, part of this branding can be seen here. It then went into preservation, though dates I am unsure on, before arriving recently with Oakleys for the 59 service they have won the contract for.

Whilst the livery might be more appropriate for a seaside service it certainly turns heads and gets noticed!


  1. Oakleys have also brought ex First Kernow 43878 (KN52NFU) for the route 59 as well. It is blue with 'sceneic route 59'on the back.

    1. fairly sure that's actually HW54 BUA .

  2. They also have ex Western Greyhound KN52 HFU

  3. Oakleys will also be taking over the 55/56 and 98 from end of October

  4. Both HW54BUA and KN52HFU have 59 Scenic route in the back. The former has the seaside picture from previous and the later us plain blue. Have seen both this week. The 59 was running today (Saturday)- is that a new development now it is Oakleys or was it always the case.


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