02 September 2019

A Rosie life after Plymouth?

Plymouth Citybus continues to get rid of the older double deckers. The latest to go are two of the East Lancs Volvos 401 and 417 both going to Roselyn Coaches. 401 is for service in Cornwall while 417 was towed down and is expected to be used for spares.

Plymouth Citybus 401 PN02XBX

Plymouth Citybus 401 PN02XBX

The last few of this batch have made it to just over ten years in Plymouth

Plymouth Citybus 401 PN02XBY

©Brian George - Ensign bus June 2009 getting ready for the journey to her new home.

Plymouth Citybus 417 PL51LGU

Plymnouth Citybus 417 PL51LGU 2 July 2011


  1. If you just wont 1 round trip on 25 then ask for a sgl to royal parade from royal parade it comes up as a £2 fare

  2. 509 come out the paint shop with Mayflower 400 livery

  3. 405 still in service today, think it was a 28a but can't remember exactly.
    At least one blue flash bus still here and I think a red Volvo too

    1. Yes, at least one blue flash still here, bus 100 was on the 34 today

  4. The third photo shows XBY, a vehicle which didn't come to Plymouth, and is therefore not 401 (XBX) before it came, 402 was XCC, 403 was XCE, 404 was XCG and 405 was XCH


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