24 August 2019

Devon & Cornwall Transit 169

The weekly look at service changes across Devon & Cornwall. Plenty to report this week as Plymouth Citybus make a few changes to their network and KERNOW alter a few of their school services, all from the 1st September

As usual please click through on the Licence number for more details and full route histories on the PTBS web site. Links to Traveline and other timetables and maps are provided below where possible, but always check with the operators own web site for up to date information before you travel!

The following service changes are planned for this coming week 26th August to 1st September

Plymouth Citybus Ltd • PH0000135

LicenceRouteStart PointEnd PointEffectiveNotes
PH0000135.094   5 5a Elburton City Centre- Saltash 01-Sep-2019

Service 5/5A: This service will be re-timed through Plymstock to improve reliability, with changes to late afternoon journeys to Saltash. An additional evening service 5A to Plymstock will depart Royal Parade at 23:45.

5 5A Traveline Timetable and Maps

PH0000135.171  11A 11B Bodmin Parkway Padstow 01-Sep-2019

Service 11A: The 15:20 service 11A from Padstow via Callywith will be withdrawn and replaced with a standard journey at 15:30.

11 11A 11B X11 Traveline Timetable and maps

PH0000135.146  27 27A 27B City Centre Crownhill 01-Sep-2019

Service 27/A/B: The 06:52 service 27B from Derriford Hospital will be given additional running time. Daytime journeys on these services will be re-timed, and evening journeys will run 10 minutes later to improve reliability

27 27A 27B Traveline Timetable & Maps. 

PH0000135.005  28 28a 28b City Centre Estover, Asda 01-Sep-2019

Service 28/A/B: All evening journeys will run 10 minutes later to improve reliability. The last Sunday and Bank Holiday journeys on service 28A will be extended from Henders
Corner to Royal Parade due to passenger demand

28 28A 28B Traveline Timetable & Maps

PH0000135.149  42 42C City Centre Woolwell 01-Sep-2019

Service 42/A/B/C: These services will be re-timed around Plymouth Marjon University. On Bank Holidays, short journeys between Woolwell and Derriford on service 42C will be withdrawn due to low passenger numbers

42 42C Traveline Timetable & Maps. 

PH0000135.008  42A 42B 42D City Centre Southway 01-Sep-2019

Service 42/A/B/C: These services will be re-timed around Plymouth Marjon University. On Sundays and Bank Holidays 42A journeys will be given additional running time.

42A 42B 42D Traveline Timetable and maps. 

PH0000135.076  50 51 Derriford Derriford 01-Sep-2019

Service 50: On Sundays and Bank Holidays, the 18:32 service 50 from Derriford Hospital will now depart at 18:26 with additional running time to improve reliability.

50 51 Traveline Timetable and maps. 

PH0000135.165  74 74A 174 Callington Liskeard 01-Sep-2019

Services 174 and 74/74A: A morning journey on the service 74A will be added serving Upton Cross. Service 174 will have a revised afternoon service to serve Upton Cross.

74 74A 174 Traveline Timetable and Maps

PH0000135.189 172 Trerulefoot Callywith College, Bodmin 01-Sep-2019

PM Journey no longer serves Plymouth (link available between services 171 & 72). Revised times

172 Traveline timetable and maps.

PH0000135.202 177 Holsworthy Callywith College, Bodmin 01-Sep-2019 Timetable Change – see below
PH0000135.192 177 178 Holsworthy Callywith College, Bodmin 01-Sep-2019

"Service 177: The Holsworthy to Launceston section of this service will remain unchanged. From Launceston, it will then serve South Petherwin then direct to Callywith College.
Service 178: The Callington to Launceston section of this service will remain unchanged. From Launceston, it will serve Tregadillett and Five Lanes before continuing to Callywith College via Bolventor."

177 178 Traveline timetable and maps

PH0000135.207 178 Kelly Bray Callywith College, Bodmin 01-Sep-2019

see above

PH0000135.191 179 Gunnislake Callywith College, Bodmin 01-Sep-2019

Service 179: This service will have a revised afternoon journey to serve Dobwalls.

179 Traveline Timetable and maps

PH0000135.219 186 St Stephen Bodmin 01-Sep-2019

Service 186: This is a new service from St Stephen to Callywith College.

186 Traveline Timetable and maps

PH0000135.205 187 Fowey Callywith College, Bodmin 01-Sep-2019

Service 187: This service will operate from Fowey via Tywardreath and Sweetshouse to Callywith.

187 Traveline Timetable and maps

PH0000135.195 188 Lanjeth Callywith College, Bodmin 01-Sep-2019

Service 188: This service will now start at Lanjeth and operate via Penwithick and Lanivet to Callywith College.

188 Traveline timetable and maps

PH0000135.206 189 Biscovey Bodmin 01-Sep-2019

Revise terminal points: Biscovey (St MArys Road) - Bodmin (Callywith College). Revise route and timetable accordingly

189 Traveline Timetable and maps

PH0000135.215 OCS City Centre City Centre 01-Sep-2019 Ocean City Sights: This service will be withdrawn as we head into the winter months.
PH0000135.211 PR3 Seaton George Park & Ride 01-Sep-2019

Park & Ride 3: Due to low passenger numbers in the evenings and on weekends all Saturday services and all weekday evening services on the PR3 will be withdrawn. Passengers travelling on these services can instead use services 42/42A/42C. PR3 tickets will be valid for travel on the 42/42A/42C services.

PR3 Traveline timetable and map

Plymouth Citybus 469 LX06EZE

Withdrawn for the winter OCS

First South West Ltd • PH0004983 • KERNOW

Just a few here this week with most of the school services appearing next week.

Licence Route Start Point End Point Effective Notes
PH0004983.526  55 Delabole Smugglers Bodmin Parkway Railway Station 01-Sep-2019 Revised timetable Mondays to Fridays – the 0720 Bodmin to Camelford will run 20 minutes earlier and extend to Delabole. The 0758 from Camelford to Bodmin will start from Delabole at 0748. Note that First Kernow publish these changes as from 15th September but Traveline and VOSA state from the 1st.
55 Traveline timetable & maps
PH0004983.456 218 St Columb Major Truro College 01-Sep-2019 Service withdrawn
PH0004983.457 218 Camelford St Columb Major 01-Sep-2019 Service withdrawn
PH0004983.578 236 Camborne Bus Station Penzance, Council Offices 01-Sep-2019 Service withdrawn
PH0004983.579 237 Camborne Bus Station Penwith College 01-Sep-2019 Service withdrawn
PH0004983.583 238 239 Hayle , Viaduct/ Foundry Square Truro College 01-Sep-2019 Service 240 is withdrawn

No other changes to timetables
PH0004983.411 240 ST JUST HAYLE 01-Sep-2019 Service withdrawn
PH0004983.454 243 Tehidy East Lodge Truro College 01-Sep-2019 Route and timetable amended
Service will now start and finish at Tehidy East Lodge
243 Traveline timetable and maps

Future service changes registered this last week:

LicenceRouteStart PointEnd PointEffectiveNotesOPERATOR
PH1145790.018 KF1 Apple Lane, Sowton Kennford 28-Oct-2019 Registration



A quick message from the PCTPG Ian Byrne

A final reminder of our bus Rally on Sunday starting at 10am

"As a group we are entirely grateful to "Plymouth Citybus" for allowing us a section of the depot to illustrate a static display along with a section of their own vehicles. We have received various entries and we will be running a free bus service with "Open Top Buses" included as well as various preserved single and double deckers . This is a great opportunity for the public to experience transport of yesterday. In the City Centre we will be using a dedicated bus stop just up from the Theatre Royal on the day

I will certainly be there – so feel free to say hello!

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