20 August 2019

Another one moves on…

Of all the second-hand double deckers in the Citybus fleet. by far my current favourites are the Brighton Tridents. Sadly however they cant go on for ever and the first one to leave the fleet is 487 which has gone to Devon & Cornwall Police in Exeter for training purposes. Plymouth Citybus 487 PK02RFE

My first photo of this one still being prepared for service…

Plymouth Citybus 487 PK02RFE


  1. Are 87,466 and 503 withdrawn?

    1. 87 still in service on 11 the other day, 80/81 are Driver Trainers now i think, 466 is at Milehouse still and 503 is at Milehouse due for a repaint

    2. 87 is off the road with hydraulic issues
      466 is off the road for coversion to single door
      503 is off the road being debranded and resprayed. Livery is unknown.

  2. seeing lots of different buses on the old Blue Flash route, Citaros and 65 plate darts are the most common. Even saw an Enviro 400 on an 11 to Liskeard one evening. PCB have also changed the logo from BlueFlash to "Go Cornwall" on their website, so looks like Flash is going for good.

  3. 87, 466 and 503 are not “withdrawn”, they are “VOR” (vehicle off road) whilst work is carried out on them.
    Withdrawn buses are those which the company has no further use for and will be sold or scrapped.

  4. 516 repainted and soon to be on the road in swoop.


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