02 June 2019

Social Media Week: 25 May

The last week on social media and elsewhere from the local operators and others that you might have missed for the week just gone 25th - 31st May


Saturday 25 May

First Kernow:

  • The 0840 Service 95 from Wadebridge to Bude is currently broken down at Trelill another bus is on it way this service will be running 30 min late sorry for any inconvenience this may cause Dw
  • Camborne depot here, due to a driver error the 13:33 T1 Camborne - Penzance is running 15 minutes late.
  • Service A5. Between Newquay and Padstow in both directions. The police have closed the road at Bedruthan steps, meaning our services are having to be diverted via St Eval church. The nearest bus stops for passengers affected would be either Mawgan Porth, or Treburrick
  • 23.35 T1 Services Is Running About 15 Mins Late Due To Earlier Incident At Threemiliestone But Just Be Informed Station Hill Is closed In Redruth Due to A coach Is blocking Road


  • #Plymouth Due to operational issue the 09:15 Royal Parade to George Junction Park and Ride will not be operating. We are sorry for this inconvenience.


  • The 10:00 Falcon service from Plymouth to Bristol is now operating with a delay of 50 minutes due to a technical fault.
  • The 11:40 M36 service from Leeds - Plymouth is delayed by 60 minutes due to a road traffic accident on the M6. Stops affected: Birmingham:15:35 Bristol UWE:17:35 Bristol:18:00 Exeter:20:05 Plymouth Uni:21:15 Plymouth:21:20

Sunday 26 May

First Kernow:

  • Good morning from Eden Depot.All services have now left. Today the 24 service is extended to serve Porthpean Road,Charlestown Chapel and the Lost Gardens of Heligan on Sundays. Hop onto the bus and head to one of Cornwall's Garden treasures! @HeliganGardens Have a great day!


  • Plymouth Service 1 disrupted due to an accident near Horrabridge. Services will be delayed. Update following
  • Exeter Service 1 off Sidwell Street at 09:30 operating approx. 25 minutes late. Return journey off Willand at 10:32 will also affected

Monday 27 May

First Kernow:

  • Good morning from Penzance. All services have left the depot and are running on time. We have 8 open top double deck buses and 1 closed top bus on the A1, A2 and A3 services. Please be aware that we are running a Sunday service today and not the Monday to Friday time table
  • Good morning from Penzance depot. The 10.05 A2 open top service from Penzance to St Ives is currently running 30 minutes late, this will also affect the 11.10 A3 St Ives-Lands end and the 12.40 A1 Lands end-Penzance. This is now a closed top double deck bus (NJ)
  • Service 87. Truro to Newquay. Due to the Victorian fare in place today, buses towards Newquay will not be able to serve Goonown or St Agnes Village. The nearest bus stops will be Goonbell shelter, or the top of the Hill after Wheal kitty Turn. Truro bound buses are not affected

Dawlish Beach:

Tuesday 28 May

Plymouth Citybus:

  • The service 12 0750 from Callington to Launceston has broken down at Callington. A replacement bus has been sent from our Liskeard depot but this service will run late. We apologise for any inconvenience
  • The viaduct road works are still causing big delays to services buses are taking up to 15 minutes from Royal Parade to Charles Street and this is having an impact on our ability to run most services on time at the moment please accept our apologise for any inconvenience caused.
  • Unfortunately we are experiencing high levels of disruption to some of our services due to the roadworks on Exeter Street Viaduct. Services 21/21A and service 5 are particularly affected. Please allow extra time for your journey.
  • Service 20a: Due to a break down unfortunately the 20a 16:30 from Ivybridge to Plymouth is not running. Sorry for any inconvenience this causes. The next service is however running as usual.

First Kernow:

  • Service 87. Due to an issue with the bus, the 09:20 Newquay to Truro is running approximately 30 minutes late. Sorry guys
  • Good morning all from Eden Depot. All our services are up and running. The new 102 service from St.Austell Station - Lost Gardens of Heligan starts today. Hop on the bus to one of Cornwall's Garden treasures! (AK)
  • The 35 1240 Falmouth to Helford Passage will not be running due to a technical fault with the vehicle. We are very sorry for the inconvenience caused. AW
  • Due to two sets of roadworks in Long Rock along with heavy traffic on the A30 past St Erth and Hayle, all services in and out of Penzance are suffering long delays, sorry for any inconvenience


  • The 08:00 London - Plymouth (M6) service has broken down at Earl's Court London. A replacement coach is on it's way (ETA 45 minutes). Stops affected are: 10:30 Bristol UWE 11:00 Bristol 13:05 Exeter 14:15 Plymouth Uni 14:25 Plymouth


  • Barnstaple due to heavy holiday traffic all 21/21A,s running late apologies
  • Plymouth Heavy Traffic congestion in around the city centre this afternoon causing some delay's to our service.

Wednesday 29 May

Plymouth Citybus:

  • The service 62 due from Transit Way at 10:56 has unfortunately broken down and will not be running. We apologise for any inconvenience.

First Kernow:

  • 38/39 service can not serve Church Rd and Osborne park due to indecent (RG - Apologises for the twitter about 38/39 services but its a police incident that has closed Church Rd and Osborne Park (RG)
  • We apologise for the delay but the 13.19 46 service North Country is running 30 mins late due to staff sickness(RG


  • Plymouth #Paignton #Torquay Unfortunately the 07:05 Ivybridge to Torquay gold service has broken down we have a replacement vehicle already on route and will get this service operating as soon as we can.


Exeter City Council

Western Morning News

Plymouth Live:

Thursday 30 May

Plymouth Citybus:

  • We are sorry that we are not able to operate the 1215 service 44A to Whitleigh and Camels Head, the next service 44A from Royal Parade at 1315. Sorry for the inconvenience.

First Kernow:

  • Good morning from Penzance. The A17 services between Penzance and St Ives are currently running up to 15 minutes late due to 2 sets of traffic lights/road works at Long Rock. (NJ)
  • Camborne-sorry we are unable to serve St day at the moment as road is closed. You can catch the bus at the Star Inn or at the Church(cp)
  • Camborne -1311 from Redruth station will not be running as breakdown we are sorry for this(cp)


  • Today its Farmers Market Day in #Exeter. Farmers and suppliers from across the region will head to the city centre to sell fresh local produce and Devonshire goods! Many of our services take you directly to the city centre


Friday 31 May

Plymouth Citybus:

  • We have reports of an accident on the road from Pensilva to Crows Nest which is affecting the service 74, services are being diverted via Upton cross and Minions until further notice. Sorry for the inconvenience. Update on service 74 diversion, Road is closed between Pensilva and Crows Nest due to a fallen tree. Service 74 is diverted via Upton cross and Minions until further notice. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  • The Tamar Bridge has a lane closure today until 3.30pm. Traffic is currently queued back along the Parkway. This is also causing disruption to our Cornwall services
  • The roadworks on the viaduct and Drake Circus are causing major congestion in throughout the city centre, with traffic tailing back the whole length of Exeter Street and the whole length of Gdynia Way. Our services are being severely disrupted at present.

First Kernow:

  • Due to road Works at Long rock and the Music Festival at Scorrier T1-T2 is suffering from delays of up to 15mins tc
  • Apologies but the 14:27 A4 from Perranporth to St Ives will be running 30 minutes late due to a puncture
  • The 14:45 A5 Padstow to Newquay has broken down with a water leak at Constantine Bay on its way INTO Padstow. Replacement bus will be sent to Padstow, albeit 35 minutes late, to collect passengers and will then transfer drivers at Constantine Bay on the way back to Newquay.


  • Torbay #Exeter our new service 222 which runs between Dawlish Warren & Teignmouth will be operated with a closed top double decker bus for a short period. This is due to some low hanging branches and foliage which requires trimming. The open topper will return asap.
  • #Barnstaple Due to a fallen Telegraph pole Buses are unable to serve Georgeham and will terminate in Croyde.#Barnstaple Due to an RTC near Taw Bridge Traffic is diverting through town. This is causing delays to services.
  • #Exeter Severe disruption to all services due to congestion following an incident on the M5. Please check for updates. Apologies for the inconvenience.
  • #Plymouth the 14 service has broken down. 1730 off Powisland is currently not running. Sorry for this inconvenience.


  • Plymouth the falcon service is running about 1 hour late. sorry for the inconvenience.


  • #PLYMOUTH the 1100 Falcon from Plymouth is running 30 minutes late due to technical difficulties and a build up of traffic, we are sorry for the delays
  • The 09:05 M6 service from Falmouth to London is delayed by approximately 40 minutes due to a lane being closed on the M5. Stops affected: Exeter: 13:45 Bristol: 15:50 London: 18:45
  • The 15:30 M6 service from Plymouth to London will depart Plymouth approximately 45 minutes late. Stops affected: Plymouth: 15:30 Plymouth Uni: 15:35 Exeter: 16:45 Bristol: 19:30 London: 21:55

Target Travel:


  1. Can anyone clarify what the stat of play is with 100-109 as ive heard they going to go aheads manchester operations(gnw)

    1. Still on as far as I am aware. I think it will happen as replacement Enviro 200s arrive from London. No idea how soon this is Likely to be.

  2. The only enviro 200's I am aware that are being replaced at Go-Ahead London are 07 plate ones at River Road (from route 364), but the contract does not start until November (unless the vehicles arrive earlier). These are the same length as native ones (once the door has been removed). There may also be some smaller ones available from September, but these are only 9.6m long, and may be kept (as they are 64 plate).

    1. Local rumours suggest it is the 64 plate Enviro 200’s that are coming to Plymouth.
      Perhaps it is best to wait and see what actually arrives.

  3. 10x NEW 69 plate Enviro 200 MMC replacing the 10 eclipses. 100-108 going to Go North West, 109 will be used for spares.
    We are getting 2010 Enviro 200 from London that will replace 82-87 - also going to Go North West.
    The Citaros/eclipses will go to GNW in September.
    Also there is new Enviro 400 City coming

    1. Where on earth do you get your information from!

  4. The Enviro 200 MMCs is bus driver gossip (NEW) The eclipses is obvious informaton. 109 is withdrawn/dead - They can't find the right parts so it's going spare. I've found out about the second hand GAL ones from a few people. 82-87 is also driver gossip. The E400 City is on a buisness information booklet thing

    1. Aint the e200mmc alledged to be part funded by cornwall county council?

    2. What exactly has happened to 109?? Surely as it's a fairly common B7RLE/Wright, parts must be obtainable.....interesting the comment about 100-108 coming up to Go North West, is this confirmed??

    3. Not sure that anything can be described as officially confirmed but it does look like this is planned to happen. As always its a case of wait and see what happens..

    4. Despite your superior knowledge 109 is repaired not “withdrawn/dead and going for spare”

  5. As said by alot of people, E200mmcs will be for cornwall routes, Redflash and blueflash will be removed along with new E400citys witch i know what route its going on but this will stay private until Official notice from citybus but the route its going on its very interesting!

    full list
    E200 Long from london
    E200 Short From london
    E200mmcs New
    E400citys New
    some citaros will be sold
    volvos will be sold
    Scainas and darts and tridents wont have long left until they go

  6. PCB is also due an E200EV demo for the Devon Business Show on Wednesday 12th June 2019.

  7. If what Mr Darlington is suggesting is true then it would hint at fleet standardisation for PCB on the Enviro range therefore eliminating the need for non standard types such as the Volvos, Scanias & gas buses

  8. Bus 80 was out this afternoon with L plates on it, wonder if 80 and 81 are becoming driver training vehicles. With 82-87 going north, that perhaps takes care of the whole batch

  9. They already are training vehicles, L plates, glass removed behind cab and behind seats behind doors.


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