14 March 2019

Stagecoach Exeter Consultation


Stagecoach have published a consultation document for their plans in and around the Exeter area.

capture1Although entitled ‘Exeter Edition,’ the routes mentioned go beyond the City, particularly into East Devon, parts of Mid Devon, Teignbridge and West Devon. Details of how to respond are on Page 7 of the document.

This is a review of Stagecoach’s commercial commitments. Any impact on County Council-supported services will be discussed with the Council and no changes to County-supported services may go forward without the Council’s agreement.

As part of Stagecoach South West`s commitment to our customer and stakeholder engagement including Devon County Council and other local authorities, we have produced a consultative document with the main aim of offering stakeholders and members of the public alike, an opportunity to actively participate in the bus route planning process for Stagecoach routes in the South West region

Bob Dennison, Managing Director of Stagecoach South West says ‘This is a new approach for us; to engage both customer and other stakeholders in the planning of our network in advance of making changes. We are keen for the public and our key partners to provide information to assist us in planning the routes that facilitate their day to day lives


We will be publishing consultation plans for our key areas of operation; Exeter, Barnstaple, Torquay and Plymouth. To download a copy of the Exeter consultation plan please click here.

or you can view my archive copy here

It is good to see them setting out their plans in this way giving passengers the chance to have their say. If you do use any of the services detailed in the consultation booklet then make sure you do let them know what you think - its not often we get asked!

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The X38 just one of the routes which are mentioned. If you don't want to see more cutbacks then let them know!


  1. Any idea when Plymouth one will be available?

  2. How is this a consultation with time for passenger feedback when the withdrawal of the Paignton-Torquay-Exeter Gold 46 and some other proposed changes are already registered to start in about four weeks or so?


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