21 March 2019

Plymouth Citybus Results

Plymouth Citybus has posted its Annual Report and Financial Statements for the year ended 30 June 2018. I wont go into the full financial details here as its a lot of dry numbers - but they are available for those that wish to view them.

The interesting bits from a quick reading are..

Future developments

Revenue, operating profit and the number of passenger journeys, schedule adherence and route costing analysis are some of the key financial performance indicators used. Other performance indicators measured and monitored by management include customer satisfaction, employee engagement surveys alongside the more traditional employee absenteeism and revenue ratios. All making sure that every journey is taken care of.

On the national stage Plymouth Citybus won the 2017 Route One Medium Bus Operator of the Year Award and were highly commended at the National Transport Awards. Local runners up at the Herald Business Awards for Large Business of the Year.

Through several new initiatives, the cash to non-cash passenger income ratio has reduced. The roll out of a new contactless payment system on all vehicles in November 2017 now accounts for 20% of on bus takings. The introduction of a new journey planning and ticket purchase mobile app in February 2017 now has over 11,000 downloads and continues to grow revenue through this channel.

Passenger satisfaction measured by independent body Transport Focus remained at 90%, against a backdrop of increased congestion in the city due to major road work schemes.

During the financial year, sixteen new Enviro 400 City buses, fitted with carbon reduction kits entered service on our flagship route, an investment of £3.5m.

In September 2017 new services were launched, after winning the tender to provide transport to students across Cornwall who would study at the newly built Callywith College.

Following from the successful integration of several leisure related tickets, in October 2017 a new ‘Weekend Wonder' ticket was launched, giving unlimited travel all weekend. In April 2018 a new £1 single fare was introduced for the length of the Easter school holidays, giving those aged 18 and under cheaper travel across the network. This trial saw an increase in passenger numbers of 39.5% and in turn has led to the product being available throughout all school holidays.

The annual employee survey showed engagement went up from 69% to 77%, an industry leading score. Investing in 1-2-1 meetings for all members of the organisation, alongside new communication streams opening up shows continuous improvements year on year.

Future developments

We will continue to invest in our fleet, with the introduction of 9 brand new Alexander Dennis Enviro 400 City buses entering service in the Spring of 2019, of which all are Euro 6 carbon certified vehicles. These buses will be introduced on the core route that links the City Centre to the Hospital. A route with strong passenger growth, in the growth area of the city.

We will continue to break down barriers to bus travel, developing both our App and Contactless payment systems to the next level. Continuing to offer school holiday child £1 single fares, stimulating the market.

Looking at new housing developments and a buoyant student accommodation market to make sure we serve the needs of potential new passengers.

We will be agile, developing bus routes to fit a changing road network in the City, putting the customer at the centre of each decision we make.

The full report can be found at Companies House along with all their other documents or you can view my copy here

Plymouth Citybus 555 WA17FTC


Another batch of these fine 400 City buses will be more than welcome, especially on the 42s which I catch quite often. It will also interesting to see what livery / brand they use…


  1. they are for the 50/51 graham

  2. Off of this particular topic, but does anyone know if there are plans for a specific liveried bus for the PR3? Seems to always be allocated one of the London E400s, so would make sense. Especially when trying to stand out and encourage people away from stagecoach and on to PCB.

    Timings aren’t ideal either! Stagecoach leave George 3 minutes before PCB on each trip. Although only a very small number of passengers for them both to share!

  3. Anyone know of any update on the new stock due in Spring? What route they are for? Are they going to be branded for Flash or another? Also...! Are we expecting to lose our Eclipse's? There was a video posted to YouTube as a 'farewell'.

    1. plenty of rumours - but we will have to wait and see. I believe the Eclipse are on their way to Manchester at some stage when replacements are available.

    2. The new deliveries must be here now as there is a new member of the fleet at your bus matters today and enviro 200 MMCs are replacing the eclipses

  4. Anon 25 July 2019 at 07:52...there was NO new member of the fleet at bus matters today, I know because I was there. New buses have not yet been delivered - do not believe everything you read!


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