02 March 2019

Devon & Cornwall Transit 144

The weekly look at service changes across Devon & Cornwall. Its a bit of an odd week in that there are no changes due this coming week, but there are two changes which have already happened

Stagecoach Devon Ltd • PH1020951

Licence Route Start Point End Point Effective Notes
PH1020951.316  89 Tavistock Bishopsmead 25-Feb-2019 Mondays to Saturdays every hour.
Service taken over from Target Travel.
Traveline Timetable: 89 Tavistock - Whitchurch - Tavistock
Traveline Map: 89 Tavistock - Whitchurch - Tavistock
PH1020951.136 815 Ilfracombe or Barnstaple Appledore or Westward Ho! 25-Feb-2019 To revise Service 815 morning journey to ensure an on time arrival at Park School
Traveline Timetable: 815 Newport Park School - East-the-Water - Bideford - Appledore
Traveline Map: 815 Newport Park School - East-the-Water - Bideford - Appledore


There are lots of new notices for changes coming up - all of them for Stagecoach

Stagecoach Devon Ltd • PH1020951

There are a few interesting changes planned for April including a few new services. The new night bus service on the 12 (weekend only) is also an interesting move

Licence Route Start Point End Point Effective Notes
PH1020951.046   7 7A Exeter Bus Station Totnes Coronation Road 14-Apr-2019 To renumber Service 7/7A (from X64). To revise timetable and amend certain journeys to service Torquay (7A)
PH1020951.011  12 N12 Newton Abbot Brixham 14-Apr-2019 To introduce Summer timetable. To introduce late night buses Friday night/Saturday morning and Saturday night/Sunday morning
PH1020951.208  22 Dawlish Warren South Devon College 14-Apr-2019 To add a later journey to/from Dawlish Warren daily
PH1020951.209  23 South Devon College Paignton 14-Apr-2019 To amend off peak and Saturday journeys to serve White Rock Way
PH1020951.006  31 Torquay, Cary Parade Barton Padacre Road 14-Apr-2019 To revise Saturday morning and Sunday timings
PH1020951.304  32 St Budeaux Square St Budeaux Square 15-Apr-2019 To revise route and timetable
PH1020951.015  32C St Marychurch Torquay Grammar School 14-Apr-2019 Service 32 journeys now incorporated within new Service 35A/35C. Service 32C remains on this registration
PH1020951.160  34 Torquay The Willows 14-Apr-2019 To cancel registration. To incorporate into new Service 35A/35C
PH1020951.317  35A 35C Torquay Strand Torquay Strand 14-Apr-2019 Daily Service every 20 mins Mon-Sat every 30 Mins Suns & Bank Holidays.
PH1020951.042  46 Exeter Bus Station Paignton Bus Station 14-Apr-2019 To cancel registration. Now part of Service 7/7A PH1020951/46
PH1020951.318  77 Hele Park Buckland 14-Apr-2019 Mondays to Saturdays every 30 mins, Sundays & Bank Holidays, hourly
PH1020951.005  88 88A 88B Newton Abbot South Devon College 14-Apr-2019 To amend service to start/finish at Sherborne Road
PH1020951.199  92 Totnes Royal Seven Stars Dartmouth 14-Apr-2019 To renumber Service 92 (was X64) and to revise timetable
PH1020951.106 110 Torquay Totnes Seven Stars 14-Apr-2019 To revise the times of the afternoon journey
PH1020951.020 Fox Paignton Bus Station Foxhole 14-Apr-2019 To revise timetable between 0830 and 0930
PH1020951.197 Gold Torquay Strand Totnes Royal Seven Stars 14-Apr-2019 To add a later journey Monday-Saturday and an additional journey in each direction on Sundays
PH1020951.198 Gold Totnes Royal Seven Stars Plymouth 14-Apr-2019 Additional journeys Mon-Sat evening and an additional journey in each direction Sundays

The additional journeys on the Gold service is the first timetable change for these services since 2015!

Stagecoach 15930 YN63BXC
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  1. Be intresting to see if the 7/7a connect with the 92 or it a through bus as now

  2. Be interesting to see whether the 35a/35c have any route changes as well as number/timetable.

    1. There don't appear to be any route (or frequency) changes. However the circular pattern of service will now operate in the evenings and on Sundays as well.

      Although I am unhappy about the loss of the 46, there are a number of useful increments to evening services generally which I welcome. I am also pleased to see that Stagecoach will trial a weekend night service on the 12.


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