26 March 2019

Cornwall Good news with an old photo

Cornwall in going against the grain here:

Older people, and those of any age with a disability, who qualify for a concessionary bus pass will be able to travel for free at any time on Cornwall’s buses from 01 April.

Up until now, people who qualify for a bus pass under the English National Concessionary Fares Travel Scheme have been able to travel on Cornwall’s public  buses for free after 9.30am on Mondays to Fridays and at any time on Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays.  Now, Cornwall Council has decided to extend the scheme so that concessionary bus pass holders can travel on public buses at any time and will no longer have to wait until 9.30am to travel for free.

Cornwall Council Cabinet portfolio holder for transport, Geoff Brown said: “We have listened to residents who hold these bus passes.  They have told us that having to wait until 9.30am to be able to travel for free on the bus means that they can’t travel to early appointments.  In the case of disabled concessionary bus pass holders in particular, they have told us that under the current arrangements, they can’t use their pass early enough so they either have to pay or make alternative arrangements to travel to adult training and day centres.”

Geoff adds:  “We want to encourage people to use public transport and here is a practical way the Council can help people who have a concessionary bus pass to do just that at no cost to them.”


and the good news continues

Residents in South East Cornwall are set to benefit from a successful bid to the government’s Transforming Cities Fund to improve transport links, with a particular emphasis on sustainable transport.  Cornwall Council joined forces with Plymouth City Council and Saltash Town Council to support and develop a bid for funding to improve the wider Plymouth travel to work area which includes South East Cornwall

The successful funding bid means that South East Cornwall is set to see a £320,000 investment in transport infrastructure to improve key bus corridors in the Saltash, Torpoint, Rame Peninsula and Liskeard areas. Improvements will include new bus shelters, timetable cases and the installation of digital real time passenger information (RTPI) signs at key locations. 

Another £516,000 has also been received to deliver walking and cycling improvements in Saltash to provide key connections to Plymouth, support economic and housing growth and manage increased travel demand.

The joint bid sees a total of £7.6 million for a number of sustainable transport initiatives in Plymouth.  In Cornwall, a share of the funding will go to improve cycling, walking and public transport links between Cornwall and Plymouth. 

Cornwall Council cabinet portfolio holder for transport Geoff Brown said: “Improving sustainable transport connections in Cornwall and into Devon is so important for our residents.  This funding will help us deliver work being carried out on this Council’s One Public Transport System for Cornwall (OPTSfC) Project which aims to deliver an integrated and customer focused transport network under the Cornwall Devolution Deal.” 

Cornwall Council is now working closely with Plymouth City Council in preparing a bid for the second round of funding.


This last story was such good news that the council tweeted: Annotation 2019-03-24 150239

Clearly whoever was in charge of this post hasn't actually used a bus in Cornwall for some time! (this photo was one of mine from  June 2009! https://flic.kr/p/6DfvRz)

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