06 February 2019

Going Topless

Plymouth Citybus is expanding its open top operations this year with a new route and new open top buses (well new to Plymouth!)

They have posted this video which shows the work in progress on one of the London Enviros along with a plea to local businesses to help join in the promotion of the city. Can anyone confirm the fleet number of the bus involved?

Last years bus stayed out in service until well into late autumn

Plymouth Citybus 361 V905FEC
® did by graham 30 September 2018

Meanwhile Stagecoach have two Enviro s at The Ride waiting on conversion work to open top

Vehicles recorded are E400's 19571 WA59 FWT; ex - Wirral & Cheshire and 15665 WA10 GHG both apparent victims of collisions with low bridges

It remains to be seen where they plan to use these, but there is clearly a resurgence in open top operations in Devon & Cornwall over the last year which seems to continue into this year.


  1. The fleet number of the bus getting converted in the video is 468.

  2. 15665 was at barnsley when it had its incident

  3. Anonymous10 February 2019 at 13:58 its not 54 route as there is a map shared on facebook of a new route witch is a nice looking tour route
    Bit of history from target travel office "we still have the 54 at current and no changes have been told of us losing it, when we had the 54 at first run our own open top bus but now the route lanes and the car park at end of route means a double decker will be very hard to use now"


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