12 February 2019

Departed: Plymouth Citybus 404

With the London Enviros entering service some of the older buses are being cleared out.

404 PN02XCG has now left Milehouse and has been sold to Dan Shears (dealer)

Plymouth Citybus 404 PN02XCG
© Brian George June 2009

404 seen at Ensign before coming down to Plymouth. It doesn't seem like nearly ten years ago! Plymouth Citybus 404 PN02XCG 22 February 2011

© didbygraham.

February 2011 in the red and white livery these buses carried when entering service.

Plymouth Citybus 404 PN02XCG

© didbygraham August 2015

By January 2013 404 was one of the few to receive this single door conversion and the full swoop livery. The single door conversions of the incoming Enviros are a lot neater!

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  1. One London bus replaces another. Wonder how long the latest batch of Enviros will manage? Will they prove problematic like some of the B7 deckers especially in their early days?


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