17 January 2019

Plymouth Citybus 436 and 437 Withdrawn

Another two buses taken out for service by Plymouth Citybus are 436 and 437

They both joined Citybus back in February 2013 so have managed almost 6 years.

436 X571EGK

Plymouth Citybus 436 X571EGK
436 July 2013 © Richard Smith
Plymouth Citybus 436 X571EGK
November 2014 - they didn't have the neatest of single door conversions

Plymouth Citybus X571EGK

© Bradley Darlington March 2018

PVL171 X571EGK GoAhead

© Eddie October 2012 when still with Go Ahead London

437 X702EGK

Plymouth Citybus 437 X702EGK
October 2015
Plymouth Citybus 437 X702EGK
September 2018
Plymouth Citybus 437 X702EGK
My last photo of 437 back on 28th December at Derriford Hospital.


  1. Has 17 been withdrawen as well or it it just waiting to be fixed?

    1. Its awaiting repair of something but hopefully will be in service soon

  2. I believe that the rather untidy single door conversions were caused by the wiring looms that were contained in the door frame panels and to remove them for a neater job would have involved re-locating all the wiring. Other operators have managed this, but perhaps their shorter life expectancy with Plymouth CityBus meant it wasn't worth spending the money. Still, 6 years was a decent term here.


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