08 November 2018

Stagecoach at Derriford

Derriford Hospital has always been a good place to observe buses, being the second busiest bus terminus after Royal Parade. The scene though has changed quite a bit recently with Stagecoach taking on most of the Target Travel work along with former Citybus route 14. So we have a bit of a photo feature looking at Stagecoach at Derriford Hospital over the last week or so…

Stagecoach 34849 FX06AEE

Newly acquired Dennis Dart 34849 on the 14.

Stagecoach 34607 NK04NPN

The 52 now departs from Derriford in both directions as seen by 34607 seen back on the 1st November.

Stagecoach 35134 YN56HBB

and also another recently acquired Dart 35134 YN56HBB.

Stagecoach 10490 SN65ZHE

Traffic at Derriford has affected buses in and out of Derriford quite badly recently so you often get buses bunched up. These two are both branded for the 1 and also both running on the 1 seen in horrible weather on the 6th!

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