21 November 2018

First South West Upcoming Changes

As with the Plymouth Citybus posting a couple of days ago, this is a catch up of all outstanding service changes registered for FSW over the coming couple of months. In fact all of these are for the 7th January…

I have not linked to the main route pages as many of these have not been added there yet but feel free to click here and use the search box to see the latest information as I update the pages.

First South West Ltd • PH0004983

Licence Route Start Point End Point Effective Notes
PH0004983.196  27 Truro Bus Station St Austell Bus Station 07-Jan-2019 Revised timetable
PH0004983.410 211 Summercourt Bolventor 07-Jan-2019 Revised timetable
PH0004983.575 214 215 216 217 Fowey Truro College 07-Jan-2019 New Registration
PH0004983.459 222 Stenalees St Dennis 07-Jan-2019 Revised timetable
PH0004983.461 222 St Dennis Truro College 07-Jan-2019 Revised timetable
PH0004983.188 224 225 226 TRURO COLLEGE NEWQUAY RAILWAY STATION 07-Jan-2019 Timetable amended
PH0004983.368 227 Truro College St Mawes Car Park 07-Jan-2019 Revised timetable
PH0004983.194 228 Lostwithiel Truro College 07-Jan-2019 Revised timetable
PH0004983.404 228 CALLINGTON LOSTWITHIEL 07-Jan-2019 Revised timetable
PH0004983.576 231 Falmouth Moor Truro College 07-Jan-2019 New Registration
PH0004983.577 233 Flushing, Royal Standard Truro College 07-Jan-2019 New Registration
PH0004983.578 236 Camborne Bus Station Penzance, Council Offices 07-Jan-2019 New Registration
PH0004983.579 237 Camborne Bus Station Penwith College 07-Jan-2019 New Registration
PH0004983.580 238 Penzance/ Long Rock Hayle 07-Jan-2019 New Registration
PH0004983.583 238-241 Hayle , Viaduct/ Foundry Square Truro College 07-Jan-2019 New Registration
PH0004983.581 239 Castle Gate/ St Ives Truro College 07-Jan-2019 New Registration
PH0004983.582 241 Polgigga Hayle 07-Jan-2019 New Registration
PH0004983.174 T1 T2 PENZANCE, Bus Station/ ST IVES, Malakoff TRURO Bus Station/ College 07-Jan-2019 Revised timetable
PH0004983.187 U1 U3 FALMOUTH Moor TRURO Treliske Hospital/NEWQUAY Bus Station 07-Jan-2019 To remove college service 231/233 from this registration.

Services U1 and U3 times remain unchanged.
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© Andrew Bone (Creative commons)

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