18 November 2018

Devon & Cornwall Transit 129

Bus services across Devon & Cornwall that are due to change in the next week ( 19-25 November). As usual click on the licence number to go through to the main route page where you will find the full licence details and route history.

Its all very quiet this week with one route change for National Express that's already happened, a new timetable for Williams 442 and a mysterious new night service for 6 weeks from Stagecoach details of which they are keeping close to their chest for now.

National Express Ltd • PD0000738

Just the one change at short notice (its already started)

Licence Route Start Point End Point Effective Notes
PD0000738.215 328 PLYMOUTH ROCHDALE 07-Nov-2018 Vary route
Current Traveline Timetable
(no map on Traveline)


Stagecoach Devon Ltd • PH1020951

Licence Route Start Point End Point Effective Notes
PH1020951.314 N21 Braunton Bideford 24-Nov-2018 Apart from the Traveline timetable and map I can not find anything online for this service. If it is mentioned on the Stagecoach site then it is even more hidden normal. There must be a specific reason for such a frequent service at this time of night?
Traveline Timetable N21
Traveline Map N21


FT Williams • PH0007122

Licence Route Start Point End Point Effective Notes
PH0007122.018 442 Camborne Bus Station Sithians, Crellow Lane 19-Nov-2018 Timetable amended
Traveline Timetable 442
Traveline Map 442


  1. Interesting 319 and another coach now have the new Plymouth Citycoach Hoildays Logo, But Both Plain Blue With No Livery, Not Sure If There Will Be A New Livery To Go With New Logo Or If Its Staying Plain Blue??? i like the new logo

  2. N21 looks like a clubbers bus for sat/sun early hrs good thing no special fare so good value


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