16 October 2018

The Battle for Derrifords Park & Riders


Stagecoach Plymouth have a new fare promotion:

It’s now even cheaper to catch the 100/101 between the George Park and Ride and Derriford Hospital, with our special offer on fares.


Our brand new Derriford Park & Rider weekly ticket is just £5.00*, that’s only 50p per journey.

  • Fares will be available on the app and as a paper ticket on bus
  • Buses run every 10-15 minutes and feature comfortable high-backed leather-effect seats plus free WiFi. So sit back, relax and travel into the city in style!
  • Concessionary passes also welcome.
Stagecoach 10457 SN65NZP

Cant think why this is happening!


  1. Nice to see some competition from Stagecoach at last

  2. May be to try and push city bus out off the derriford park and ride route

  3. Wonder what a be next maybe send all 1s into the p&r site to increase the frequency and include them on promotion as to be honest pr3 unless it breaksdown or has a driver who has the tendency to play things to miss a trip or 2 has got nowhere really it can get extremley delayed so reliability is pr3's ace card for p&r to dh. Dont know if pcb have kept tt fare structure but ssw have mirrored it with this promotìon(sgl and rtn fare) is this the worlds smallest bus turf war?

  4. Citybus have matched the Stagecoach fares on the PR3. Instead of petty fare competition it would be nice if Stagecoach actually ran a proper limited stop park and ride service into town again rather than the slow and tedious 100 and 101 services they currently provide.

  5. About time theres some competition eventually think stagecoach is gonna win this one

  6. Agree with anonymous 17 Oct 00:28. The 100/101 is now an ordinary stage service. This will not be encouraging motorists to leave the car and catch the bus. Stagecoach more concerned to pinch custom from Citybus 42/a/b/c rather than provide a proper park and ride service.

    1. I do agree with you some p&r models around the country do work well. But unfortunatley the way things have got to go to make it sustanible due to cuts in funding is to make it stop to try get that extra trade in a hope of avoiding repeat of what is happening up in taunton were p&r fares have gone up and sat service is to be withdrawn(and even that may not save it.)


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