01 August 2018

Waterfront Shuttle in service

Plymouth’s first open top service bus has been launched to serve the Barbican and The Hoe throughout the summer.


The ‘Waterfront Shuttle’ will run on the circular Plymouth Citybus service 25 route to and from Royal Parade via the Barbican and The Hoe from Friday 27th July until Friday 22nd September 2018.

Commercially run by Plymouth Citybus, but designed in conjunction with the Plymouth Waterfront Partnership, the open top bus is branded as Britain’s Ocean City ‘Waterfront Shuttle’ and allows passengers to hop on and off all day for just £3 for adults and £2.30 for children.

The service will run every half hour Monday to Saturday daytime, with various stops along the route, allowing passengers to enjoy all the waterfront has to offer. Guides and timetables are available from the Citybus Travel Centre on Royal Parade, alongside the Tourist Information and on the Citybus website.

Mark Collins, Head of Commercial & Marketing at Plymouth Citybus, said: “This is the first open top service bus in Plymouth in a generation and our first ‘hop on, hop off’ service. In nice weather it offers some stunning views of the landmarks along the Barbican and The Hoe from the top deck. We’re hoping having this bus in operation will make the Plymouth waterfront, its businesses and activities more accessible to residents and visitors to the city this summer.”

Sarah Gibson, Waterfront Manager and CEO of the Plymouth Waterfront Partnership said: “We’re absolutely delighted that Citybus has introduced the new open top Waterfront Shuttle service, it’s a vehicle the business community has wanted for some time and is a great new way to view the waterside. The bus is unmissable with its bright Waterfront Shuttle livery and provides an essential link connecting the City Centre with the Waterfront.”

Plymouth Waterfront Partnership


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Its ironic that after such a long hot dry period of weather the first weekend of the new service was a washout so its didn't run, but hopefully the decent dry weather will continue and the service will be a success. Its certainly eye-catching enough so it will get noticed. Richard Stevens looks like he is enjoying himself in the top picture at least!


  1. Saw several 3 route branded double decker today Plymouth to Kingsbridge

  2. target travel years ago used a ex bournemouth fleetline open decker on the bovisand route, that was a service bus route, so its been done before, and of course the guide friday atlanteans

    1. Never realised that Target used an open topper - do you know which one or the reg? and of course PCB ( the original one) had MCO 358 trundling around virtually the same route many many years ago.

  3. What fleet numbers are brand up for the 3

    1. 18393 seen on 8/8/18 branded for the 3

  4. Seems to be a goldmine i did 1125 departure on friday 3rd only 2 seats avalible upstairs at 1 point the day ticket called a waterfront shuttle day

  5. @1 Aug 20.37
    Mark Collins does say first time in a generation, meaning for a long time! Of course we’ve had OT before, but not for at least 15 years - a generation!

  6. I saw 482 working route 25 today.

  7. It always seemed to do 2 trips on the 25 then a normal bus would do the next trip and this would repeat all day.

    It seems ridiculous they use 160 or 161 on the 25 most of the time because of the capacity but sometimes darts run the route.


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