04 July 2018

Mannamead Mayhem?

Another major traffic improvement scheme is about to start in Plymouth. Although in the long run this should improve traffic flow and help the buses, it will mean more delays while the work is underway…

The Mannamead Road Junction Improvement Scheme is set to get underway.

Modern and efficient signals will be installed at a number of junctions along the route with the aim of reducing traffic delays between Torr Lane and Mutley Plain, reducing journey times for motorists and improving service reliability for buses.

As well as replacing worn out and outdated traffic signals, the scheme will also address road safety with upgrades to pedestrian crossings and by providing better facilities for cyclists.

Work is due to begin on Wednesday 18 July and is expected to last for around five months. Mannamead

Councillor Mark Coker, Cabinet Member for Strategic Planning and Infrastructure said: “This is a key road for people who are travelling into both the city centre and the district centre at Mutley Plain from the north and the A38. It is crucial to keep traffic flowing and support greener travel as Plymouth continues to grow.

“These improvements will reduce queueing, particularly during the morning and evening rush hours and make it safer and easier for people to walk and cycle along this busy road.”

As part of the scheme, the layout of the junction of Torr Lane and Mannamead Road will be improved and new Toucan pedestrian and cycle crossings provided. A new off-road shared pedestrian and cycle lane between Torr Lane and the Manadon junction will also be provided.

Meanwhile, 13 on-street parking spaces, which are currently restricting traffic flow on the approach to Mutley Plain, will be removed.

Eight replacement spaces will be provided, split between College Avenue and Connaught Avenue, while Mutley Barracks car park will be free for the first hour during the day and also from 8pm every night.

The main construction work will take place between 7.30am and 6pm, Monday to Friday, and on the occasional Saturday morning between 7.30am and 1pm.

Work will start at the Torr Lane junction before moving onto the junctions further south. However it should be noted that works will be taking place along the length of Mannamead Road (and in particular between Torr Lane and Seymour Road) throughout the construction period.

Whilst every effort will be made to keep disruption to a minimum whilst work is taking place, temporary three-way lights will be required at various locations throughout the construction period to allow the existing signals to be replaced. Every effort will be made to have only one set of temporary lights in operation at a time and they will be manually operated during busy times of day to minimise disruption.

The southbound bus lane from Russell Avenue to Torr Lane will be closed from late September for around one month. The northbound bus lane from Whiteford Road to Hartley Road will be closed from late August for around three months. It is expected that all bus stops on Mannamead Road will remain open throughout the works. manna1

It will also be necessary to close the entrance and exit of Torr Lane, at its junction with Mannamead Road, between 9.30am and 3.30pm, for three days at the end of September. Suitable diversions will be in place during this closure.

Regular users of this route are advised to plan ahead and allow extra time for their journey.

The scheme is estimated to cost around £1.7 million, with over £1 million being provided by the Heart of the South West Local Enterprise Partnership.

It is part of a masterplan of highway improvements that will help unlock development and help deliver new jobs and homes in the north of the city, complementing other transport schemes along the Northern Corridor including the recently completed Outland Road Junction Improvement Scheme and Derriford Transport Scheme.

For more information on the scheme including traffic management, visit the Mannamead Road Junction Improvement Scheme page. In the event that the programme changes due to unforeseen circumstance, updates will be published there and on the Council’s Facebook and Twitter pages.

You can also sign up to receive the Council’s weekly roadworks roundup. Notices will also be placed on site in advance detailing any closure, restriction or diversion and will also be advertised in the local press.

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