13 July 2018

Citybus Goes Topless

There have been quite a few comments on here recently about the ‘new’ open topper with Plymouth Citybus. Well here it is already liveried up and ready for duty…

Plymouth Citybus 361 V905FEC

Plymouth Citybus 361 V905FEC

Plymouth Citybus 361 V905FEC

Looking very smart. The Name "Waterfront Shuttle" does seem to suggest its going to be used on the 25 over the summer. Cant wait to have a go as its a route which has been crying out for some topless action for years!

Plymouth Citybus Ltd
Dennis Trident
East Lancs

It has come from Top Tappin which has fairly recently joined The Go Ahead Group.


  1. Graham, your fleetlist shows 17 as gone for scrap 5/18 - however, it was still on the road and in service on Friday 13th July. Also odd the last surviving R-reg dart didn't enter perservation.

  2. Bus 17 is still in service today (20/7/18) on 40/41/44

  3. Bus 17 was still in service last Friday, 27th July on 40/41/44

  4. Thanks for news re 17 - it is now back on the fleet list!


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