19 July 2018

All change in September for Citybus

Plymouth Citybus have registered all their service changes for 2nd September. There are quite a few of them! I have summarised them below with what detail is know. Where there are links these go to my PTBS pages, where additional details and timetables will be added as they become available. Note that for the new routes there are no pages set up yet - its going to take a while to process this lot!


PH0000135/94 PLYMOUTH CITYBUS LTD Route 5 5A: Elburton to City Centre- Saltash via Stanborough Road, Broadway, Billacombe, Prince Rock, Devonport Withdraw 0435 Broadway - Royal Parade, 0500 Royal Parade - Elburton, 0523 Elburton - Royal Parade Monday to Friday, 2025 Royal Parade - Elburton & return on Sundays & Bank Holidays

PH0000135/12 PLYMOUTH CITYBUS LTD Route 8 9: City Centre to City Centre via Lipson Vale, Laira, Efford, Lipson Vale. Increased journey time on certain journeys Monday to Friday. Most journeys on Sundays operate 10 minutes earlier

PH0000135/171  PLYMOUTH CITYBUS LTD Route11A : Bodmin Parkway to Padstow via Bodmin, Wadebridge Service number: 11A (11A, 182, 11B) Timetable Change

PH0000135/1 PLYMOUTH CITYBUS LTD  Route 16 : City Centre to City Centre via Milehouse, North Prospect, Kings Tamerton Monday to Friday increased journey time on certain journeys. Revised times on Sundays & Bank Holidays

PH0000135/95 PLYMOUTH CITYBUS LTD Route 20 20A 20B: Royal Parade to Plympton via Laira, Woodford Revised times on Sundays & Bank Holidays

PH0000135/6 PLYMOUTH CITYBUS LTD Route 23 24: City Centre to City Centre via Greenbank, Beaumont Road. Sunday & Bank Holiday journeys retimed. Saturday inbound journeys withdrawn from Ebrington Street to deal with congestion

PH0000135/86 PLYMOUTH CITYBUS LTD Route 25 Route: City Centre to City Centre via Barbican, West Hoe Revise timetable on Sundays & Bank Holidays

PH0000135/5  PLYMOUTH CITYBUS LTD Route 28 28A : City Centre to Crownhill via Mutley Plain, Lower Compton, Eggbuckland, Miles Mitchell Service withdrawn from Mainstone. Route and timetable revised

PH0000135/148  PLYMOUTH CITYBUS LTD Route 33: Royal Parade to Royal Parade via Railway Station, St Levan Road, Admiralty Street, Station Road Monday to Friday additional journey time on certain journeys. Sunday & Bank Holiday journeys retimed

PH0000135/53 PLYMOUTH CITYBUS LTD Route 34 : Estover to City Centre via Derriford, Crownhill, Stoke, Royal William Yard, Millbay .To withdraw most short journeys between Royal Parade and Royal William Yard

PH0000135/42 PLYMOUTH CITYBUS LTD Route 35 35A: City Centre to City Centre via Mutley, Peverell, Ham Green, Merrivale Road  journey time revised to improve pacing

PH0000135/7 PLYMOUTH CITYBUS LTD Route 40 41 40A 41A: CITY CENTRE to CITY CENTRE via Mutley, Crownhill, Southway Drive, Dunnet Road Revised Sunday timetable, serving Whitleigh

PH0000135/8 PLYMOUTH CITYBUS LTD Route 42A 42B: Tamerton Foliot to City Centre via Looseleigh Lane, Derriford, Mutley Revised times during afternoon

PH0000135/149 PLYMOUTH CITYBUS LTD Route 42 42C: City Centre to Woolwell via Mutley, Derriford Revised timetable

PH0000135/13 PLYMOUTH CITYBUS LTD Route 43: City Centre to City Centre via Milehouse, St Budeaux. Timetable revised to improve pacing

PH0000135/10 PLYMOUTH CITYBUS LTD Route 44 44A 44B : City Centre to City Centre via Mutley, Crownhill, Whitleigh Introduce 44A to Holly Park & 44B to West Park/ Ringmore Way Withdraw Sunday service (replaced by 40A/41A) Withdraw diversion to Whitleigh Green on inbound journey

PH0000135/183  PLYMOUTH CITYBUS LTD Route 48 (15): Plymouth to Wembury via Cattedown, Plymstock Withdraw service 15 Introduce service 48 (This seems to be the old Citybus 15 merged into the new Citybus 48 which takes over from Stagecoach 48)

PH0000135/76 PLYMOUTH CITYBUS LTD Route 50 51: Derriford to Derriford via Estover, Leigham, Milehouse, St Budeaux, Transit Way, Crownhill. Withdraw services 50A & 51A. Increase frequency on services 50 & 51. Saturday middle of day journeys withdrawn from Transit Way due to congestion. Sunday evening services withdrawn from Keswick Crescent, Estover (Asda), Parkway Industrial Estate and Transit Way. Timetable revised. (An earlier left comment suggest the ‘increased frequency” actually hides a cut in the overall service from 15 to 20 mins)

PH0000135/126  PLYMOUTH CITYBUS LTD Route 61 62 : City Centre to City Centre via Mutley, Peverell, Brake Farm, Transit Way, Honicknowle Monday to Friday peak time journeys repaced to improve reliability. Saturday journeys withdrawn from Transit Way between 1100 & 1500 due to congestion. Sunday evening buses withdrawn from Transit Way

PH0000135/150  PLYMOUTH CITYBUS LTD Route 70 70A 70B: Plymouth (Royal Parade) to Cremyll via City College, Torpoint Ferry, Cawsand, Millbrook Revised to carry schoolchildren from Crafthole & Sheviock

PH0000135/159 PLYMOUTH CITYBUS LTD Route 75: Torpoint to Liskeard via Crafthole, Downderry Timetable Change

PH0000135/128  PLYMOUTH CITYBUS LTD Route 101: Tamerton Foliot to DHS Boys via Southway, Crownhill Timetable revised to meet changed school closing times

PH0000135/129  PLYMOUTH CITYBUS LTD Route 102: Roborough Surgery to DHS BOYS via Southway, Crownhill Revise route to serve Seaton (The Ship). Revise times to meet changed school closing times

PH0000135/189  PLYMOUTH CITYBUS LTD Route 172 : Trerulefoot to Callywith College, Bodmin via Looe, Polperro & Lostwithiel Revised times

PH0000135/190  PLYMOUTH CITYBUS LTD Route 172 : Trerulefoot to Callywith College, Bodmin via Looe, Polperro & Lostwithiel To revise route between Pelynt and Bodmin (Callywith College). To revise timetable and route description

PH0000135/192 PLYMOUTH CITYBUS LTD Route 177 178 : Holsworthy to Callywith College, Bodmin via Launceston, Tregadillett, Five Lanes Revise service numbers from 179 to 177 & 178. Revise terminal points: 177 Launceston (Westgate Street) to Bodmin (Callywith College) 178 Bolventor to Bodmin (Callywith College) Revise route and timetable

PH0000135/202 PLYMOUTH CITYBUS LTD Route 177: Holsworthy to Callywith College, Bodmin via Launceston, Tregadillett, Five Lanes New service

PH0000135/207 PLYMOUTH CITYBUS LTD  Route 178 : Kelly Bray to Callywith College, Bodmin via South Petherwin, Bolventor New service

PH0000135/191 PLYMOUTH CITYBUS LTD Route 179 : Gunnislake to Callywith College, Bodmin via Callington & Liskeard Revise route between Callington and Bodmin to serve Merrymeet and Liskeard

PH0000135/193 PLYMOUTH CITYBUS LTD Route 180: Bude to Callywith College, Bodmin via Otterham Station & Camelford Revise terminal points: Yeolmbridge - Otterham Station Revise route & timetable

PH0000135/194 PLYMOUTH CITYBUS LTD Route 180 181 : Yeolmbridge or Pipers Pool to Callywith College, Bodmin via Otterham Station & Camelford Introduce service 181 Revise terminal points Revise timetable & route description

PH0000135/203  PLYMOUTH CITYBUS LTD Route 181: Pipers Pool to Callywith College, Bodmin via Tintagel & Camelford. New service

PH0000135/196 PLYMOUTH CITYBUS LTD Route 182 : Delabole - Wadebridge. Callywith College Revise terminal points, route description & timetable

PH0000135/204 PLYMOUTH CITYBUS LTD Route 184: Port Isaac to Callywith College via Polzeath, Rock, Wadebridge New service

PH0000135/205 Registered PLYMOUTH CITYBUS LTD Route 187: Fowey to Callywith College, Bodmin via Lostwithiel New service

PH0000135/195 PLYMOUTH CITYBUS LTD Route 188 (189): Holmbush to Callywith College, Bodmin via St Austell, Penwithick, Bugle Revise service number to 188 Revise terminal points, route description and timetable

PH0000135/206 PLYMOUTH CITYBUS LTD Route 189 : Tywardreath to Callywith College, Bodmin via Par, St Blazey & Roche New Service

There is a lot to take in here. I am sure there will be protests from Mainstone but it does seem to be an area where they spend more time protesting about losing their buses than actually catching them!

Feel free to add your comments regarding any of these changes

Plymouth Citybus 706 WX62HGU


  1. so does this mean the 44 route will be a 40a/41a all the time or just on a sunday?

  2. Citybus 50/51 is cut to every 20 mins. Have heard SC are starting service to Holly Park? Assume council tendered service will replace axed Mainstone route. SEEMS to be a fair amount of cuts from pc and expansion by SC in next few months

    1. Id be surprised if SC go Holly Park as Citybus are running 44A there. Cant see it being any point in competeing for it!

  3. Any one know if there any truth in pcb opening an outstation in launceston?

    1. They already have an outstation there at greenaways

    2. Do you know how many buses?

  4. Have I read this right will Estover not have a Sunday evening service on the 50/51?

  5. Not quite - they will but it looks like it misses out Keswick Crescent and Asda and the Longbridge Road section. Presumably they had to cut about 5 mins to make it fit its duties?

  6. That would make sence many thanks for your reply find your information so useful to keep updated what's going on

  7. They tried serving Holy Park and Ringmore Way from a different direction before with the 61a replacing the then 43b. I get the feeling the passengers were unhappy with the loss of a link to St Budeaux, which meant the old route (renumbered to 29a and now 50a/51a) was restored. I wonder if this will happen again. Not really happy about frequency cuts to 50/51 in Estover/Leigham though.

    1. My guess is that this is why the 44B is created, to link Holly Park with West Park for passengers who want to transfer on to that corridor towards St budeaux. Likewise perhaps those wishing to travel to Derriford, now able to transfer at Crownhill.

      Think it is about time they dropped the return to Whitleigh Green part though, a complete waste of time and fuel!

    2. Stagecoach may well serve Holly Park through to St Bureaux and city under tender with PCB eventually withdrawing the 44a I think.

  8. Hi Graham, very sorry can you explain the 5/5A changes in a bit of a clearer format for me? Thank you would be muchly appreciated.

    1. It looks like they are just cutting a few early morning runs, but hopefully more details will appear soon. I am currently working my way through them all!

  9. Hi Graham, these changes give Estover and Leigham the lowest daytime frequency it has had since about 1984 I reckon, before the original X50 was reduced. Not surprised the 28A extension to Mainstone has gone, it was always on borrowed time once it didn't go to Derriford Hospital for interworking.The dead mile down Forder Valley and up Novorossisysk Road must have been expensive mileage for no return. The only way to sensibly serve Mainstone is a diversion to an existing Estover service but that's not going to happen on 3 per hour. Whipping the bus out of Keswick on Sunday evenings is symptomatic of being cost driven, not customer driven. But these changes are nothing compared to Holly Park and Whitleigh, more on another comment....

  10. The changes to Whitleigh and Holly Park buses are possibly the most far reaching. After over 30 years of a mostly half hourly service via West Park, St Budeaux and Station to City, there will now be an hourly bus each for Ringmore Way and Holly Park via Whitleigh to Crownhill, Mutley and City Centre. I bet there's no customer research to support that change! and if you look at 44 registration, there is no Sunday service to Whitleigh bar 40A and 41A - but four an hour on a Bank Holiday Monday! And no buses in most of Southway Drive on a Sunday evening either. With the City Council pinched financially and no subsidy available, i doubt if these cuts can be replaced at all.

  11. It's really annoying

    All they've done is cut whitleigh off from st budeaux

    That's why I'm fuming

  12. I don't know why you have to keep changing the bus routes? I live near Holly Park and for the workers having the bus service EVERY HOUR now is so inconsiderate and thoughtless.
    I am a Disabled Woman and find it hard at the best of times and would stop me from working, the 50A,51A is fine the way it is residents can live with the times being every half hour but this just takes the biscuit and unfair .......

    1. Complain to Plymouth Citybus via their website, this site has no link to Citybus or any other bus company


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