15 June 2018

The Sound of the Citybus


The latest advert livery to hit Plymouth is Citybus 501 in a new blue based scheme for Radio Plymouth



Both © Jason Beverley. With thanks.

Of course 501 has been blue before…

Plymouth Citybus 501 WF63LZA

but was more recently Red Flash

Plymouth Citybus 501 WF63LZA

The old Radio Plymouth bus was Volvo East Lancs 401 in a much nicer scheme

Plymouth Citybus 401 PN02XBX

I believe this is still in service at the moment but I guess it wont be around for much longer?


  1. WA17FTZ is in place of 504 and is labeled up for Heart radio, for the Heart South West charity tour.

  2. Anonymous21 June 2018 at 22:51 was just a temp replacement until 504 is fixed, WA17FTZ is not staying in heart all the time just at events


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