18 June 2018

Citybus Dart on Ebay

I cant count myself as a massive fan of the Dennis Dart like some people out there, but I did have a soft spot for the first batch of low floors N101UTT etc which had a much cleaner look than the Pointer 2. One of the batch is currently up for sale on Ebay if you are interested…


Opportunity to purchase the above vehicle Straight into preservation from its first keeper, Plymouth CityBus CityBus is renown for its high standard of maintenance and operation and this vehicle, N110UTT, fleet number 10, is no exception. The darts were at a point in their life where chassis corrosion was becoming a concern and as a project and assessment to identify the amount of work involved a trial using this vehicle was had. The entire chassis was treated and internal floor replaced However the time involved made it financially unviable but of course resulted in this vehicle having a chassis that will see it survive many many years without the need for attention Mechanically in excellent condition.

The interior, whilst slightly faded was subject of attention and none of the seats are torn or threadbare and all the seatbacks are damage free A new steering wheel was fitted. This is an excellent vehicle for ongoing preservation, return to Class 6 commercial use or conversion to a mobile / static home. The seats all unbolt easily making these low floor disabled friendly vehicles with kneeling suspension a popular vehicle with operators

You have until 23 June 21:10 …



Plymouth Citybus 010 N110UTT

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