01 June 2018

Callywith Transit

Callywith College in Bodmin have announced new timetables for its bus services in September all of which are supplied by Plymouth Citybus

NEW BUS TIMETABLES: We are pleased to announce the updates to the Callywith College Plymouth Citybus bus timetables for September 2018!

Eight new routes have been added, as well as more stops including Holsworthy, Rock and Polzeath. Many of the journey times have also been improved including:
Fowey to Callywith in 45 minutes
Wadebridge to Callywith in 30 minutes
Liskeard to Callywith in 35 minutes
St Austell to Callywith in 40 minutes
Callington to Callywith in 60 minutes
Bude to Callywith in 70 minutes
Holsworthy to Callywith in 75 minutes
Those joining us this September 2018 will receive more information on applying for a bus pass and a bus pass form very soon!

There is a full timetable leaflet (pdf) which is available at www.callywith.ac.uk/transport

(back up copy on my own site here)


Plymouth Citybus 518

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  1. Is there a new livery for the enviro 400 as when I was looking at the ferry cameras the bus seemed to have a blue and white stripe - that is the best I can describe it.

  2. Graham, Citybus have acquired an open top ELC bodies trident. Plate is V905FEC.

  3. They may not hav won City College but especailly given this from September its clear that this is much bigger!

  4. 6/6/18 - 106 is back on the road. Spotted it in the depot this morning awaiting body parts around the front lights. Spotted it again this evening, in service and out on route 41


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