25 May 2018

Swooped WA03BHZ

Another of the Darts to be repainted into full swoops is number 70

Plymouth Citybus WA03BHZ

© Bradley Darlington

This one started off in one of the better Park & Ride liveries we have seen in Plymouth.

Plymouth Citybus 070 WA03BHZ

© didbygraham July 2006

In the Citaro inspired Black band livery with full Bus Watch lettering

Plymouth Citybus 070 WA03BHZ

© didbygraham February 2010

finally without the lettering..

Plymouth Citybus 070 WA03BHZ

© didbygraham July 2017

All Dennis Dart that remain in service now carry the swoop livery.

1 comment:

  1. 31/5 - Citybus 501 is now in a white based livery for Radio Plymouth.

    516 is still in RedFlash but in the depot do we know is this one is receiving a new livery, Callywith College the same as 515?


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