02 February 2018

Live bus tracking for Citybus

Plymouth Citybus have now released their new app which is available at your app store depending on what flavour phone you have.

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The big new feature for this app is the real time tracking of your bus.

app x1

It was a bit temperamental on my phone, but that may just be my phone which is itself quite temperamental at the moment! After a few attempts to get logged in it finally gave me the map and tracking page that you see above. It took a while for my phone to agree that I was not on Royal Parade, but when it finally admitted I was at home it gave me the map and I could see a 51 was just coming out of Asda, and sure enough it was coming down my hill a few seconds later. This will be so useful on wet mornings as we have no shelter at my stop so I can hopefully leave it a bit later if I know the bus is not due on time. I have yet to try it for a trip so I will see how I get on this week. It might just get me to finally get round to changing my phone!

You can of course buy the usual day rider tickets etc which you then scan on the bus. It would be nice if you could also buy single and day return tickets for your journey in advance too but I can understand if that's not going to happen.

Full details and the link to download can be found at Plymouth Citybus

So what do people think? is anyone using it yet?






  1. A useful feature for enthusiasts, at least on the Go North East version so I assume on this as well, is being able to find the fleet number of the bus operating each journey.
    You just have to tap on the little red "bus" icon on the map, and this brings up the fleet number and the stops on the route.

  2. After how many years has it taken for such data to be readily availiable? Looking back thru posts here there's ones about real time data from back in 2008 if not before lol. This app is great tho as u say ideal if yoy don't want to wait ages out in the rain you can see where it is before.
    Any chance if bringing back the random older posts feature btw?

  3. ive tried it and works very well, useful as it show the fleet number of the bus too, makes it easy for me to track a bus that is going to go pass my local area bus stop and no waiting in the cold and useful for me to know what bus im going on

  4. The previous versions of the live tracking have been very poor and unreliable to say the least. It was only fairly recently that the new system was turned on. The new app has been in testing for a while. There are other features in the pipeline which should make it even more useful as time goes on.

    As for the random old features I will have a look and see if I can reinstate this.


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