21 December 2017

Another Citybus Survivor

The Plymouth Citybus fleet has seen a lot of changes and looks very different from a few years back.

The Dennis Dart fleet has cut back a lot so only 2 pre 52 reg Darts remain in service. We know about 17 and the only other pre 52- reg Dart is 46


Plymouth Citybus 046 Y646NYD

Its not just the older buses that are disappearing. The older liveries have now almost all gone too. The only Darts I have not in full swoops are 67 in the Stenning dark red fronted livery and 70, 71 in the Citaro Red white and Black livery. Of these at least 70 & 71 were out of service awaiting repaint / refurbishment back in August so presumably are still sitting at Milehouse?

1 comment:

  1. 70 nearly done, 68 and 71 still waiting then red and white be gone


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