24 November 2017

Hot Topics

Plymouth Citybus have published details on their new timetables from the 3rd December.

Sadly though the full details are only available via a download PDF which makes it harder to get the details and its not the easiest thing to read either.



The full document is here on their web site or for future historians there is an archive copy in my library here

Couple of things I have noticed on a quick read through is that there is no mention of the 51A service in the Hot Topics guide and no mention of any timetable changes to the 61/62 service - although there is a new timetable on their web site. I can only presume that any change is a very minor one!

As usual full details with maps and timetables will appear here next week 


  1. Readers on another blog which covers the area from mine and mr richardson's county of origin are very pro go ahead and anti first(a horses head would be on my pillow by morning if this was posted on them) but ive been living down here for 14 months now and the amount of changes go ahead make is unbeleavable the Rame corridor/saltash local routes have had changes every few months to numbers and route variation it must be very confusing i like to go to cremyll doing a round robin(boat ferry vice/versa) i dont think ive had the same number or gone the same way twice. Ive worked in this industry more then some but not as much as others and worked around a bit and i do enjoy getting a £8 zone 4 ticket and going places on pcb as they have nice routees and its good to get 20 year old darts but i think they have got to be the worst bus company for tinkering and i would stand corrected if anyone can prove otherwise

  2. Yet more changes.... is this the most unstable network in the UK?

  3. The 5/A timetable is now on Citybus's website, and it's done in an interesting way, I think. I read a few months ago about the London Underground Circle Line, where trains no longer go round and round: each train starts from Hammersmith H & C, goes via Ladbroke Grove to Edgware Road, clockwise round the circle back to Edgware Road and terminates, then returns anti-clockwise back to Hammersmith. The idea is that this makes for much easier timekeeping. Here, each bus will start from Royal Parade, run as a 5 via Billacombe and clockwise round the Elburton/Staddiscombe loop back to RP and on via Devonport to Saltash where it becomes a 5A, returning to RP and via Oreston and anti-clockwise round the loop and back to RP where it terminates.

  4. I seen a carmels coach to day thought there were shut down in 2014 and closed for gpod

  5. Citybus are an absolute joke with their constant changes. Got to be the worst in UK.. .First at least left routes alone so you know where you stood as do Stagecoach on the main


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