15 September 2017

Tamar Coaches One Year Old!


Its hard to believe that Tamar Coaches is now one year old from the date of its first commercial job.

Congratulations Tom, from all the staff (!) at Plymothian Transit.







  1. That's a cracking picture Graham. So different from the unavoidable slab sided views.

  2. Its one of Toms own photos, but yes, cracking shot!

  3. Tamars coaches always look well presented, clean inside and out and having used them provide good value and service. Long may it continue.

    Slightly off topic, but talking of well presented, both CityBus 62 and 63 have been refurbished, repainted and are back on the road

  4. Congratulations Tom real testiment to the dedication and hard work put in, been sensible started with one coach and grown from there, really good to see

  5. How many Coaches do they have now? Three or four? I know they have H13TCL, H14TCL and H16TCL but dunno if there's a fourth?

    1. to Anonymous20 September 2017 at 19:11 yes they have 4, they have a teamcoach but i think tom has it with the others but he does own the a teamcoach

  6. Anonymous 23 September 2017...
    i think what you are trying to say is that Tom does NOT own the 4th coach


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