25 September 2017

Swoops and swirls

Another quick update this weekend to the Plymouth Citybus Fleetlist 

Plymouth Citybus 078

78 is now in red base livery awaiting finishing off with lettering and swoops etc. 72 is next with 68 70 71 and 75 currently untouched and waiting their turn.

A few buses confirmed as sold:

Plymouth Citybus 021 R121OFJ

21 unknown buyer

Plymouth Citybus 202 X202CDV

202 to a PCTPG member for preservation. Great to see this one saved

Plymouth Citybus 204 X204CDV

204 to another member of the PCTPG

Plymouth Citybus 312 JSK 265

312 also sold to a member of the PCTPG. Yet another significant livery comes to an end in the fleet. I must admit I was always a fan of this livery which was very distinctive so its good to see this one save for preservation too.


  1. Will citybus go full electric with the e200evs or street airs like in the north and Scotland?

  2. 78 on the road in swoops this evening on the 61

  3. Anyone know when Gas bus WX62HGG will be repaired and back on the road?

  4. 78 and 72 now in full swoops.
    78 was on the 62 and 72 was on the 12a on 20/10/17. The oxford coach is still with citybus.


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