13 September 2017

Stagecoach Strike Action?

Over the coming days there will be a series of smaller posts as I try to catch up on some of the happenings that have happened or will happen.

Stagecoach Strike

Stagecoach South West bus drivers have voted 'overwhelmingly' for both strike action and action short of a strike over pay. More than 78 per cent of RMT members’ voted for strike action whilst nearly 90 per cent voted for action short of a strike.

Transport Union RMT members are angry that the company has tabled a pay and conditions package that 'doesn’t even keep pace with the Retail Price Index' and which 'would condemn a key group of transport staff who are already on low pay levels to a de facto pay cut.' They say today's inflation rise has rubbed yet more salt in the wound.

Bob Dennison, Managing Director of Stagecoach South West, said "We have received no notification of any strike action at this stage. Our door remains open for discussions and we will be doing everything possible to find a solution that avoids any impact on our customers.

Full story Devon Live

If this strike does go ahead then it wont affect Plymouth services as they are under a different union. Either way though, lets hope for all concerned that it doesn't get that far… Stagecoach Devon 10696 SN66VVG


  1. Umm!! Stagecoach Plymouth are in the same union as the rest of Stagecoach in Devon. The RMT. So how come they are not involved in any possible strike action?

  2. They could be 1) under a different branch withen the rmt 2) they may still be under tupe conditions from when stagecoach tookover the depot from first 3) i could be wrong on points 1 or 2.

  3. It seems from comments made elsewhere it is more to do with the TUPE conditions from when the Plymouth drivers transferred across for First.

    1. I think va lot of it is to do with transfer of depot etc in Exeter and knock on effect in Torbay/ north Devon. This not veffecting Plymouth staff plus they still have protected rights from xfer from First.

  4. The Demise of a Very good Workforce is very Evident here, exceptional poor and in equipped individuals in Dennison and Williams both have Zero people skills and experience of Negotiating with the RMT, in Torbay I've never seen Morale so low The Management at Depot level are just Caretakers and have no perception of what actually goes on during the day to day Operation of the Business,North Devon is Clearly running around the Rural Services carrying Fresh air and Exeter is over Bused within the Town Network, It's about time Brian Souter came back down to ask the Keystone Cops to Clear there Desks.


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