21 September 2017

More Flash Less Drab

Have been catching up on some changes to the Plymouth Citybus Fleetlist from the last few weeks:

109 is the latest Blue Flash


© Jason Beverley - with thanks.

Now looking a lot smarter than the previous livery:

Plymouth Citybus 109 WA12ADV

This livery is now eliminated from the fleet as the last Dart in the scheme is currently out of service awaiting repaint along with a few of the others: 68 70 71 72 75 78

This means the end of this livery: Plymouth Citybus 068 WA03BHX

In my opinion the best of the Dart liveries

And the other Dart livery which is no more Plymouth Citybus 072 WA54JVV

This livery may be dull ( yes it is!) but its not as bad as the scheme they carried when new… Plymouth Citybus 072 WA54JVV

so its goodbye to one of the most meaningless brands in Citybus history: SuperRider GOLD. I honestly cant think of anything that these buses had which set them up as Gold compared to the previous in-Gold buses.

I don't want to end a post on a low note so we have Citybus 108 stabled at Roselyns Parr base which Citybus now share.


© Derek Cuffe


  1. Nice post good photos nice simple up to date summary. 78 in spray shop. 67 still in Stenning still on the road or at least was yesterday 20 sep so not quite gone yet.

  2. Not withdrawn for repaint just yet....
    Dart 67 in Stenning livery is working the 72 today, so is the last survivor in service in that livery.

  3. darts do look nice in the old red/white livery, though other than the preserved darts you will still see the red and white driver training buses around for a while still, seen 2 today being the only two buses out in the old livery in the whole of plymouth today, wonder if they will get a better driver training livery one day?


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