09 August 2017

Ready Post

More updates to the Plymouth Citybus fleet list over the last few days include…

142 now in full swoops

Plymouth Citybus 142 WA08LDV Plymouth Citybus 142 WA08LDV

This was the last Enviro in the dull red front livery

Plymouth Citybus 142 WA08LDV

This means that all the 08 Enviros are now in full swoops although for variety only this one has the current Every journey taken care of strapline.

The other main update is that the fleet list now has all the E400 City registrations. (Thanks to Jason Beverley  for filling in the last couple of gaps!) At least one more of this batch is now in service:

Plymouth Citybus 557 WA17FTE

557 WA17FTE

Thanks to Richard for the photos!

Fleet List Link: https://goo.gl/165xdT


  1. What are the next buses for the sprayshop?
    62 and 142 are done. Will it be 78/75/72/109?

  2. 62 now in full swoops
    City bus have also acquired 2 new dial a ride minibuses.

  3. With 142 and 62 now out and about again, and 63 I guess not far behind, do we know what is next into the spray shop?

  4. A new advert wrap will be hitting the streets soon, a turquoise based livery for, I think, 518 (if not, it's 517)

    1. Saw it on Tuesday. Calywith college, bodmin livery. 518

  5. A turqoised base livery for 517/518. Interesting.


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