21 August 2017

City Swooped

The last of the new City’s is in full swoop livery

20930231_10156358562060752_1760854278_o (1).jpg

If you cant get enough of the new buses then Buses Magazine has more…



  1. Still got spark on the top of the seats, but it will stray onto other routes

  2. That looks awful.

  3. Bit of topic but Target Travel have believed to of bought Plymouth citybus Scania's.

  4. Has anyone else noticed these buses seem woefully underpowered? Especially on hill stars around plympton...

  5. The livery doesn't suit these at all. The white stripe doesn't work. It needs to be removed.

  6. Agree about the white stripe. I think I've said on here before, I'm not a fan of the "swoop", and I think I've worked out why. If you look at the Stagecoach livery, or Brighton & Hove, or the ex-WG/PCB Solos in their new Go- North East livery, the stripe goes upwards as the bus goes past - the swoop goes down. It's very subtle and psychological, I know! What do you think?

  7. I have seen this one on the road today, it and the otrhers are a total waste of money, i think the last time pCB bought white elephant buses was back in the 70's with the Nationals, Wright bodies B5TL's or the other MMC bodywork(similar to SC) would have been better plus the C MMC's are nice powerful motors

  8. Some fleet news for you graham
    62 is now swooped and PN57BRX and PN57BSO have recently been acquired for city buses access Plymouth fleet. Also, you should consider doing an oakleys coaches fleetlist

    1. Also should consider doing an A-Line coaches (Travel) fleet list too. A-line's routes seem to get forgotten about in the Cornwall Transit too.

  9. Its on my (very long) to do list!

  10. Stagecoach Devon has some changes concerning the Plymouth fleet
    10489 has been branded for the route 1
    37141 has moved from Exeter and is branded for the roue 2/2A
    19321 has moved to Plymouth and is branded for Tue route 36
    34729 has moved back to Plymouth from Barnstaple.


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