25 August 2017

Callywith College

Plymouth Citybus may have lost the Plymouth City College bus to Stagecoach but they have won a major contract for Callywith College in Bodmin which starts operation at the beginning of September which brings with it a new livery…

Plymouth Citybus 518 Plymouth Citybus 518 Plymouth Citybus 518

© Brian George - with thanks!

The network has a new timetable leaflet Callywith1 Callywith2

Full PDF on Plymouth Citybus Page HERE  or my archive copy HERE

What I am not sure of is what are the buses doing the rest of the day? Apart from the two 11’s which presumably run all day, that's 6 buses arriving at Bodmin 9am then leaving at the end of the day.


  1. A very nice livery, i wonder if there will be more than one done then and how many will be done

  2. I suspect the 174 will work in with the 74 and the 179 with 79/A but other than that, not sure how it will work as the flyer says every bus will have USB and wifi, which means more Flash or Spark deckers or Blue Flash Volvos, so perhaps 108 and 109 will start their day in Cornwall too. Perhaps 109 will also take on the Callywith Livery, out off dark red front.
    Are any other buses getting the Callywith livery? (517,109?)
    Do we know what is next in the spray, or next out of it?

  3. According to Travel Line sw the 172 (Trerulefoot - Callwith College)
    The first half Trerulefoot Kernow Mill - Looe Surgery is operated by Stagecoach Southwest. Then a bus change to Plymouth Citybus from Looe Surgery - Callwith College.


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