27 July 2017

Sunday Changes

We finally have the details for the service changes to the Plymouth Citybus network from Sunday:

Service 4/4A 5/5A/5B/5C

  • Service 4/4A Green Flash Covers the Saltash end of current Service 5A. Revised route from Saltash Fore Street with Service 4 running via St Stephens Road, Church Road (for Cornwall College) to Oaklands Drive, returning via Callington Road. Service 4A runs in the opposite direction.  Most journeys on Service 4/4A continue from Royal Parade to Plymstock as Service 5A.
  • Service 5/5A Green Flash Along with the 5B & 5C will provide a combined 7/8 minute departure from between Royal Parade & Plymstock Broadway, Monday to Saturday daytime journeys runs a more direct route viaPomphlett Road in both directions. Evening and Sundays will continue to run as a 5 via Billacombe and 5A via Oreston. Most journeys on Service 5 continue from Royal Parade as a revised 34A to the Royal William Yard. 5A continue from Royal Parade as a service 4/4A to Saltash.
  • Service 5B/5C Green Flash Monday to Saturday short journeys between Royal Parade and Plymstock Broadway with 5B via Billacombe and 5C via Oreston.
  • https://www.plymouthbus.co.uk/timetables/44a-30th-july-2017#timetable
  • https://www.plymouthbus.co.uk/timetables/55a-30th-july-2017#timetable

Service 11/11A 

  • From the 30th July 2017 service 11/11A will see newer buses service the route between Plymouth and Padstow, calling at liskeard, Bodmin and wadebridge.  The newer buses, which hold a new brand, 'Blueflash' have been able to be cascaded out of the city due to Plymouth Citybus' recent investment of £3.5 million in a fleet of new buses. The Blueflash buses have distinctive bright blue paintwork and brand, making it easier for the passenger to know which bus to catch.
  • In bus terms the newer buses are Volvo Eclipse single deck buses, which are 7 years newer than the buses they will replace. This means they are better for the environment, with lower CO2 emissions than the buses currently running the route.   Passengers will also notice benefits inside the bus and not just the change of colour on the outside. The newer buses boast leather seats and free onboard Wi-Fi, enabling passengers to log onto the internet during their journey.
  • The investment comes after the Rame peninsula in Cornwall benefited from a million pound investment in 2015, with the introduction of new double deck vehicles. Since taking over services in East Cornwall in December 2014 form Western Greyhound, Plymouth Citybus has continued to invest in the fleet and bus routes in the area, making sure every journey is taken care of.

Service 12

Service 21/21A

Service 34A

  • Additional journeys between Royal Parade and the Royal William Yard but does not serve Millbay Road; instead runs via Union Street and turns at Stonehouse Bridge roundabout in both directions. Most journeys continue to Plymstock as service 5A.
  • https://www.plymouthbus.co.uk/timetables/3434a#timetable

Service 42/42A/42B/42C

  • Rebranded RedFlash with all journeys being operated with double deck buses to significantly increase capacity on these routes.
  • The current 0705 from Royal Parade 42B will be retimed to 0700 to improve reliability.
  • The 0745 from Royal Parade 42 and the returning journey from Derriford at 0817 will be withdrawn, as will the schoolday only 1643 Service 42C from Runway Road. These were added to provide increased capacity, although with double decks on the main service, they are now no longer required.  Revised evening timetable to provide additional journeys from Derriford Hospital to cater for staff finishing times in the evenings.
  • https://www.plymouthbus.co.uk/timetables/4212c#timetable
  • https://www.plymouthbus.co.uk/timetables/42a42b#timetable

Service 50/50A/51

Service 61/62

  • The 1825 from Royal Parade Service 62 on Saturdays will be retimed to have standard daytime running time, following driver & Passenger feedback


  1. WA17FTE was in town today

  2. Nice to see the Eclipse buses on the 11/11A! Even if they are just in CityBus swoops ;)

    1. The eclipse busses will be sold soon.

  3. The 4/4a can't do its new route round saltash because of roadworks in st stephens road for next 3 weeks.


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