05 July 2017

More Derriford Misery

From the 24th July until the 11th September the section of gas main that runs along Derriford Road from the Hospital Helipad to the Science Park has to be replaced


The new four way traffic lights exiting the site near the Helipad will be turned off. Temporary traffic lights will be put in place.  These will be manually operated from 7am to 8pm to reduce the traffic congestion and ensure Blue Light Emergency Ambulances have constant access to ED. The exit from public car park B onto Derriford Road will be left turn only and for a period of 10 days in August will be closed with all those using the car park having to enter and exit via the same route. The works will be in 3 phases and attached are drawings showing the traffic restrictions that will be in place during each phase.

Phase One

This is clearly going to be the most painful as nothing will be able to turn right from Derriford Hospital. That's one long diversion up through The George

Phase One

Phase Two

At least traffic will be back to both directions but this will get very busy at peak times so expect long delays

Phase Two

Phase Three

Slightly better than phase two!

Phase Three

The whole thing runs from 24th July to the 11st September, the only thing we don't know are the dates for each phase of the work.


If you are going to be traveling on one of these in the summer holidays, expect delays!Plymouth Citybus 526 WJ65BYS

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