17 July 2017

Another Green Flash

The latest repaint into Green Flash is 134:

Plymouth Citybus 134 WA56HHP

Back in April 2017 it looked like this:

Plymouth Citybus 134 WA56HHP

and back in June 2010 it looked like this: Plymouth Citybus 134 WA56HHP

Its definitely improved with age!

The Green Flash sees quite a dramatic change at the end of July, details to follow soon!

photos © Richard Smith


  1. 134 and 135 say Plymstock City Centre Saltash on the side, 154-159 say Plymstock City Centre St Budeaux

  2. Does anyone know the details of the changes at the end of the month! The PDF online don't give much detail?

    I see the Saltash service is being split again.

    Does anyone know which services inter-work with each other.

    1. there is a reduction of 34 percent of services from the staddy area in the new timetable.

  3. The saltash service 4/4a will interact with the plymstock service 5b/5c.

  4. 133 now in red swooped livery. Dart 63 and Enviro 200 142 in the body shop at the moment. Work well underway on new acquisition Leyland PD2 102. Being stripped out with most of the window glass removed. Currently in the raised depot.

  5. 133 now out of the paint shop in full red swoop livery.

  6. Does anyone know whats happening with the last man ecocity?


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