17 May 2017

Park & Ride Liveries

Still slowly plodding through all the photos taken on the PSV Circle weekend a few weeks ago I have started on some of the Stagecoach visits to both Exeter and Plymouth bases…

PSVC Trip - Stagecoach Plymouth Depot (The Ride) Stagecoach Devon 10450 SN65NZK

So two Park & Ride Enviro MMCs of the same age. Plymouths 10458 and Exeter;s 10454. Considering that Stagecoach could quite easily have just used the same basic livery template for both services, I have to say that I am glad they didn't. I think that Plymouth clearly got the better deal when it comes to the Park & Ride livery.

Having said all that I think this one was the best…

First 33419 WA56FTU

I am sure you all agree with me…

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  1. This looks interesting, what vehicles are they referring to?


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