31 May 2017

Bournemouth Event 10th June 2017

Sorry for the lack of a post yesterday due to technical issues which hopefully are sorted now. If you are reading this then it looks like its working again

Yellow Buses

Bournemouth are usually well represented when it comes the annual bus rallies in Plymouth as can be seen from this fine line up from 2014. If you want to see some of Bournemouth’s finest actually in Bournemouth then their own rally is a good place to start.

The plan is to leave Plymouth aprox 06:30 and the cost will be about £20. Full details will of course be confirmed by PCTPG. Transport is being provided by Tamar Coaches so it will be comfortable as they are both turned out to a very high standard

Tamar Coaches  H 13TCL

If you are interested please contact events@plymouthcitytransport.co.uk as soon as possible (4th June at the latest)

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