24 April 2017

PSV Circle Weekend - The rides

Its late and I am shattered after a very long but fun weekend with the PSV Circle AGM Tour on Friday Saturday and Sunday. Over the course of the three days I have taken over 800 photos so its going to be a while before they are all processed so photos from the weekend will be appearing over a long period of time!

To start off though I have the vehicles which were provided to transport us as a group over the weekend, all performing faultlessly…

UWV614S UWV614S gave a great ride over to the PCTPG collection on Friday. It was a short ride but the weather was perfect as was the bus. Oakleys Coaches  R380LGH R380LGH was our main steed on Saturday for the long haul up to Exeter and back. It was very warm and a bit cramped to say the least but again it did a good job and managed all the hills with a full load. Hamilton Gray  2701 HP

2701HP One of two buses we used within Exeter before getting R380LGH back for the run home. Very comfortable bus with better seats and more leg room! Devon General DRL640 MTT 640 The star of the trip for a short ride within Exeter. A superb machine. Target Travel  HXZ9741 Target Travel gave us this former Plymouth Citybus Volvo for Sunday morning, seen here at Target Travel's base. I didn't ride on her myself as I opted for comfort... Tamar Coaches  H 13TCL H13TCL was immaculate inside and out and very comfortable. Used on Sunday although seen here on Friday at the PCTPG / Tamar Coaches base. PCTPG 168 TTT168X Finally on Sunday Afternoon we had former Plymouth Citybus TTT168X and current Citybus 704 Plymouth Citybus 704 AU62DWN

All in all it was a great weekend. Special thanks to Dave Godley and Brian Madge for the hard work which went into it. I am sure they are glad its all over! Special thanks also to the team at PCTPG and the drivers.

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