03 March 2017

Swooped LX05EYW

The latest bus out in swoops

Plymouth Citybus 255 LX05EYW plymouth Citybus 255 LX05EYW

LDP269 LX05EYW GoAhead Photo by ‘Eddie’ May 2011 (cc)

Sorry for the paucity of posting this week. I have not been in the best of health this week, even spending a day at my hospital as a patient. Feeling a bit better now though so hopefully get things back on track again for March…


  1. bus 256 also swooped. 250 and 252 still go ahead London livery with GCB logos.

  2. Your Plymouth city bus fleetlist needs updating.
    SN66WLK needs to be added
    220,221,222 and 224 are now sold
    And is there any news on the fleet numbers and number plates for the new buses that are due for the Red Flash service 21/21A.


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