20 March 2017

Fleet Update: Plymouth Citybus

I have managed to find some time this weekend and started a fleet listing update. So far the Plymouth Citybus fleet list is now up to date with just a few small changes made including the sale of R119OFJ

Plymouth Citybus 019 R119OFJ

seen back in 2002 in the really dull SuperRider livery which was at least improved later in life to this Plymouth Citybus 019 R119OFJ 2 July 2011

Also now gone is this one R126OFJ see way back in 2002 Park & Ride livery Plymouth Citybus 026 R126OFJ

This one had received the ‘Citaro-inspired’ black band livery so was looking a lot smarter than 19 Plymouth Citybus 026 R126OFJ

The last change for now being the removal of the Optare Solos which are now all ‘up North’.


  1. SN66WLK needs to be added to the city bus fleet list.

  2. Anon 24 March 2017...Incorrect report, 405 was the bus with Devon & Cornwall Police.
    A photograph (published elsewhere) of 405 together with the Police, their cars and motorcycles was taken at Milehouse Depot.
    403 and 504 seen in the background, are "vehicles off road" awaiting repair in the Engineering line.


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