16 February 2017

Citybus News

Event West and Plymouth Citybus have recently agreed on a new main sponsorship deal for the Britain’s Ocean City Half Marathon and 10k event in 2017.

The main sponsorship deal followed on from the success of last year’s Plymouth 10k, where Citybus entered 35 runners into the corporate challenge and placed 4th out of 46 teams.

In the lead up to both events, runners entered to take part can look forward to receiving some transport related benefits, giving discounted travel over the race weekends, via its popular mobile app.

Event organisers recommend allowing additional time when travelling throughout the city during race weekend.  

Travel information for the event can be found at www.runplymouth.co.uk

David Williams, Commercial Director, Event West: “We are delighted to be extending our partnership with Plymouth Citybus in a main sponsorship deal for the Britain’s Ocean City Running Series in 2017. The support we received at last year’s Plymouth 10k was fantastic and we look forward to offering runners additional transport related benefits as we approach the half marathon in April.”

Mark Collins, Commercial and Marketing Manager, Plymouth Citybus said: “As the main mover of people in the city it is great to be part of a growing running series. Following on from the success of being transport sponsor for the 2016 Plymouth 10k, we are delighted to make the move up and become main series sponsor, now adding the Half Marathon to the list. As a dedicated community partner in the city, we look forward to being part of a local community based series.”  

Full details of the event can be found online at www.runplymouth.co.uk

Meanwhile Citybus Fleet News

Dart 20 R120OFJ has now left Milehouse for scrapping

Plymouth Citybus 020 R120OFJ

February 2015

Dart 32 is another which has now gone from Milehouse for scrap recently

Plymouth Citybus 032 T132EFJ

November 2014

The latest repaints into swoops are 255 LX05EYW  and 256 LX05EXZ (note that they are the other way round from what the fleet listing was showing - now corrected) These now carry the new strapline “Every Journey Taken Care Of” as carried by the EcoCity buses. 250 is now in the paint shop after many months running to GA London livery Plymouth Citybus 250 LX05EYP

Finally for now, the last of the Optare Solos will be heading North very shortly, with the first due to go up today (16th Feb)

Plymouth Citybus 224 WK59CWZ

Thus it will be the end of the Citybus Solo Story (Part Two).


  1. 202 is in the sprayshop
    Red flash buses will be replaced by enviro 400 cities.

  2. Latest fleet news 202 is in spraybooth and 250 is not as it was out in go ahead London livery on the 34A today. Also today,701-703 were on the 43 and 708,711 were working the 27. 708 and 710 were not in service at royal parade. At around 10:15, fleet 708 broke down at crown hill, on the flyover, blocking the bus bay and 1 lane. It was also blocking a small part of the second lane.

  3. Two Rail River Link (Ex PCB B7TL's) are seen converted into open toppers and at Woods Commercial Ltd near Dover. Buses Y827TGH (429) and Y812TGH (427).



    1. X169 FBB also in the area. Last seen as a covered top heading for South East Coachworks at Faversham, which was where Stagecoach's Scanias were converted some years ago.

  4. 202 - seems like a strange one. Updating/removing Dennis Dart stickers? Surely with this batch suspected to come of the road this year would it not make more sense for 250 or 252 to be relivered to replace 206


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