04 January 2017

Saved F600GVO

Jason Beverley passes on some interesting news of another Plymouth Citybus double decker to enter preservation.

Thank you for your enquiry regarding F 600 GVO. The vehicle came out of service on Thursday 22nd December 2016 ready for the DDA deadline. I have bought the vehicle as I am from Nottingham originally and this particular vehicle was Trent’s first double deck vehicle that they bought at deregulation in 1988 and I felt it was important to ensure that the vehicle be preserved due to its significant.
The vehicle is based with the Nottingham Heritage vehicles Charity which have a base in Hucknall, Nottinghamshire.
Hucknall depot is an ex Trent depot of which 600 was new to Hucknall depot and was based between there and Sutton Junction until it was sold to Plymouth Citybus. We have plans for 600 to return to Trent livery and out of the yellow based livery it is currently in.
Thanks for your enquiry and if you need any further information then just let me know
Mark Butler Diamond North West Plymouth Citybus 183 F600GVO Plymouth Citybus 183 F600GVO

We look forward to seeing her back in Trent livery, although it has to be said she has carried Plymouth Citybus livery for many more years, having remained in her Student Link livery whilst with Wigan Coachways since 2012! Wigan Coachways F600GVO in Wigan

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