17 November 2016

Falcon Megadays (Mondays)

Stagecoach have a nice little promotion going on for the Falcon at the moment


SW Falcon: From Plymouth to Bristol & back again 24/7

*STOP PRESS* Christmas shopping? On Mondays starting in November and throughout December fly by Falcon for just £1 (+50p booking fee) when you book on megabus.com. Offer valid from 14 November to 19 December 2016.

Choose to travel to Bristol, Bristol Airport, Taunton, Exeter or Plymouth. Remember, this offer is ONLY available from megabus.com. Normal fares will apply when bought from the driver. *STOP PRESS* Terms & Conditions apply

Stagecoach 54326 YY65VYC


  1. It's also a £1 on the actual Megabus service too, so plenty of availability.

  2. Starting with Megabus soon .Will be packed when i start just my luck.


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