13 October 2016

Fleet News: Plymouth Citybus

The latest swooped bus:


© Jason Beverley

254 LX05EYU in full swoop is the latest to hit the road.

However, not all of the London Darts are actually staying with Plymouth Citybus

LDP272 LX05EYA has been sold to Target Travel unused by Citybus. I have seen reports suggesting it is one of two purchased by Target Travel although this is not confirmed yet.

Plymouth Citybus LX05EYA

© Richard Smith back in April

It has also been confirmed that Plymouth Citybus 37 T137EFJ is yet another one to join Berry Coaches of Taunton Plymouth Citybus 037 T137EFJ

Seen here back in July 2014


  1. dennis dart 48 could be set to be withdrawn as inside at the back on floor its all dipped in with suspected rot underneath, its currently at milehouse on the pits

    1. funny cos it was on the road this afternoon because i was behind it

  2. 1 solo and 3 target mpds set to go with the 52 spd dart witch all are dead, and LX05EYA sounds like the reg coming to target but not sure myself what other one as i was to belive 201,202,203 could come to target but just what i think

  3. Saw LX05 EYA on the 98 at Yelverton on Thursday afternoon.

    1. going into new target travel livery shortly, maybe after the other green solo that is not branded for 223

  4. Any idea if they are planning on changing the 'Ernesettle' lettering on the yellow flash E400s any time soon?

    Additionally, does anyone else think that the yellow flash would be more beneficial and potentially easier to understand if the 50
    Operated CC, Leigham, Derriford, St Budeaux, CC and the 50A ran the reverse, a constantly circular service.
    Reminder the Holly Park service back to 43 sequence perhaps?

    1. the full circle would make sense - but the st Budeaux - Derriford section does not warrant a 15 min frequency apparently. Its not being ruled out for the future though. There are more changes coming in December so maybe the lettering will be updated by then?


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