21 September 2016

Western National in Kingsbridge


Thanks to those who sent in their photos from Kingsbridge. There are far too many to post on the blog but I will present a few of my favourites over the next day or row, to give a flavour of this unique event. We start off with a Western National Double Deck Selection:


© William BJ Spencer - probably my favourite photo if I am honest! AFJ706T

© William BJ Spencer KUO972

© William BJ Spencer VDV760 Western National

© Richard Smith 17 September 2016 Kingsbridge (16)

© Paul Featherstone

Thanks again for all the photos!


  1. Lovely photos.
    Do we know who CityBus 30,36,37 and 38 been sold too?

  2. 53 and 54 are now both swooped.
    Anyone know what is in the spray show at the moment at Milehouse?

  3. London Dart 254 currently rubbed down for a repaint.
    Agree lovely photos, thanks to those who kindly sent them in.

  4. PCTPG 182 Was in there last week and on Saturday i saw a dart, unknown what one outer than its was red/white with the newerold pcb logo at the front not the old old style ones seen on dart 10 im guessing its in the 40s area (40-49)


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