09 September 2016

Mayflower Coach Station

Catching up on the new chapter for coach travel in Plymouth with the final closure of Bretonside and the opening of the new Mayflower Coach Station:

Plymouth's new coach station was officially opened today with National Express and Stagecoach present as the main users of the new transport hub. The Plymouth City Transport Preservation Group were asked to have a presence and mark the event with a departure from Bretonside Bus & Coach Station and arrival at Mayflower Coach Station using preserved AEC Harrington, 100 VRL. Providing a contrast in customer comfort. A photo shoot was held with local dignitaries, operators and involved parties. Ralph Delbridge, Group Chairman said, it's important to maintain relationships with local Operators and to be asked to support this event and the new era of transportation in Plymouth is testament of the relationship. Our thanks to member Roger Thomas for bringing his superb vehicle for all to enjoy




Thanks to Jason Beverley for the photos. More information, new and photos from Bretonside and Mayflower to follow tomorrow…

There have been teething troubles!


  1. So the nice new coach station has opened, what a pity members of the public were not allowed to the private launch the day before the official opening.
    The new coach station was obviously not ready having a number of problems. some of which were coach entry gates not working, Gents toilets not working, the cafe is no more than two vending machines and workmen still working on various bits and pieces.
    The ticket hall is separated from the coach station by a service road to the rear of various establishments, this has to be crossed by passengers to get to their coaches something you would surly not expect to have to do.
    However the biggest problem that I could see is that the triangular shelters are far too high and will give little or no shelter to passengers waiting to board their coaches when it is raining and windy.

  2. Yep the out side shelter is rubbish there could off had the triangular shelters in closed keep people warm and dry .and yes the wrap round road is bit rubbish

    1. Presumably you mean....they could have had the triangular shelters enclosed to keep people warm and dry

  3. Went to Mayflower coach station this morning and every seat provided under the triangle shelters was wet, it rained last night.
    So the triangles cannot be considered to be shelters so are not fit for purpose. Big mistake.


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