26 September 2016

Kingsbridge 2016: The red collection

A third selection of Kingsbridge 2016 photos, this time with a red theme…


© William BJ Spencer

As much as I love this bus, it does not sit right with me carrying Devon General names. I was brought up with these trundling along Southsea seafront with Portsmouth CT. Still its great seeing it still out and about

XTA839 Devon General

© Richard Smith

A proper Devon General bus!

17 September 2016 Kingsbridge (22)

Paul Featherstone

It does seem odd seeing London Transport buses in Kingsbridge, but you can be sure that these two would have been very popular with the general public enjoying the free rides


© Richard Smith

PPH698 Bedford SB with 33 seat Duple Vega body,1951. Ex HR Richmond, looking very smart. Cant say I have seen this one before BFX666T Wilts & Dorset

© Richard Smith

Another one a bit out of area, but very welcome indeed Wilts & Dorset BFX666T

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