24 August 2016

Your Bus Matters

There was a Your Bus Matters event yesterday organised by Plymouth City Council with the main bus operators in Plymouth, with representatives from Plymouth Citybus, Stagecoach, Target Travel and Jacketts Coaches.

Plymouth Citybus 214 R401FFC



P1020903.jpg Plymouth Citybus 508 WF63LYS

Speaking to Richard Stevens later in the afternoon he was well pleased with the turn out from members of the public. It was certainly good weather for it!


  1. Slightly off topic but ex Brighton Dart 53 is out of the paint in swooped livery and almost ready to re-enter service.

  2. I meant paint shop!! That will teach me for not previewing the message first like I usually do.

  3. Possibly staff training in ticketing at Plymouth CityBus is not all it could be? I have used a Stagecoach-issued Devon Day ticket on a few CityBus routes this Summer, and many of the drivers queried it, having not seen one before.


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